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Or as we like to affectionately call it, The CStore. Buy unique gifts and products and support good causes at the same time. If you're gonna spend the money anyway, why not support a good cause at the same time? Right?

Reduce, Reuse, ReCirckle.
Repurposed, reusable, sustainable products or products created by green businesses or nonprofits that benefit the environment.

We try to pick unique items that are not found just anywhere or that are specifically designed for our projects. Every month we donate 10% of the proceeds from the sales of these items to a non-profit or organization that is struggling or that we feel is special in a unique way. Each month, the organization we choose changes.
Click this link to see who we are featuring this month. Non-Profit of the Month.

Sponsor a Beehive Project.
Tote bags, mugs and honey products. For Beekeepers or anyone interested in helping to bring back the honey bees. Proceeds support our Sponsor a Beehive Project. To find out more, click the link above.

The Isaac Foundation for Pet Vaccine Research. Proceeds from the sale of pet products in the Redstone Store go toward better vaccine research for pets.

Read Isaac's Story to find out why vaccine research is needed and so important.


Order our Ebooks from the Redstone Ebook Library, such as our Non-processed Recipe Book, or our Herbs A-Z, or our Homesteading CD. Or download a pdf file to upload on any portable device like a laptop and take them anywhere.

Birds & Bats Project.
Tote bags, mugs, bird and bat products. Proceeds support our Bird & Bat Sanctuary Project. Birds and Bats are one of the first species next to amphibians to be affected by pollution and their numbers are rapidly declining. Once they are gone, our insect and rodent populations will be out of control causing a chain reaction of very destructive and unhealthy events. To find out more about this project, click on the link above.

Mill Dog Rescue Products:

Apparel and other promotional products from the Redstone Store specifically with a pet theme will sponsor non-profit organizations we feel deserve special attention and support such as pet rescues. To learn more about them, see our Non-profit of the Month Page. We also have a personal interest in this one due to a very special mill dog we rescued who is now our mascot for mill dog rescue campaigns. Read Elsie's Story to learn why we feel this is an important cause to support.

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