Christmas Gifts and Crafts Annual Special Edition

Christmas Tree cupcakes

Every Christmas season we publish a gift and craft guide on gifts you can make yourself. The most treasured giving is that which comes from the heart not a store.

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Thanksgiving Recipes Annual Edition

Thanksgiving recipes

Every holiday season we publish our special recipe edition with non-processed and healthier alternatives to traditional holiday recipes.

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Isaac's Story: A little dog with a cause.

pets and vaccines

Circkles and Redstone Publishing founded the Isaac Foundation, which donates funds to continue vaccine research for pets until a solution is found. Isaac's Story tells why this research is so necessary for pets and their owners. Every Valentines Day, Circkles promotes our Valentines for Vaccine Research Campaign. 

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Elsie's Story: Finally Getting a Home

increase awareness regarding puppy mills

Elsie's Story tells the tale of why it is so important to spread the word increasing awareness of puppy mills and why they should be shut down all across the U.S.

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