What is Circkles.com and Circkles.org?

On the surface, Circkles.com is an alternative living magazine and community, but behind the scenes, we are much more than that.

The Circkles organization is based on the principle that everything in the universe is connected. The Earth itself is one giant circle in which everything touches everything else. Every individual is connected to, and affects, our environment, the wildlife, and every living thing on Earth with the choices we make every day as consumers. Circkles is an organization dedicated to preserving animal rights, environmental rights, human rights, the planet's rights as well as being a resource for readers and consumers wishing to achieve a higher quality of health and living. A voice and supporter of the greater good, Circkles is an Emagazine and online community published by Redstone Promotional Communications to keep people informed, educated and aware of what is going on around them and behind the scenes in life. To keep us up on everything we choose to ignore in our daily lives - the bigger picture, which is necessary to protect and preserve what's left of our quality of life.

Circkles is designed to do something about our "condition". To take responsibility for the effect we have on everything around us, to replenish what we use and protect what we can, and give back in a positive way at all times. It is not that difficult, in fact, not difficult at all. It all starts with the choices we make every day as consumers. We continually support businesses and products that are slowly killing us and are bad for our environment and bad for our health with our purchasing dollars. We continually support destructive companies by purchasing their harmful products instead of educating ourselves on healthier alternatives. Consumers have the most power to bring about change, yet we do not use it to our advantage. Mostly because we are not educated or up to date on which products and businesses we should be supporting. Every issue of Circkles.com is designed to help consumers make more educated and beneficial choices by educating them and keeping them up on the latest news and legislation concerning their well being.

Not only is Circkles using our advertising and marketing skills to help green businesses grow, and our publishing acumen to educate and inform the public, we are then, in turn, using our connections to benefit the greater good: to constantly strive to improve our circle which will thus start a chain reaction of improving everything we are connected to and so on. We do this by promoting and supporting green businesses and organizations, animal rights, non-profits that we see as a direct benefit to the greater good and by educating the public on what is going on behind the scenes that Corporate and Political America doesn't want them to know.

There is no other website on the Net quite like ours. Our staff is constantly amazed at the level and heights this site is reaching every day. It's very, very exciting and we hope you will join us for the ride, and of course, share what you have learned and found here. Being able to share tools is our societies greatest asset. So we hope you live, learn, share and get great use our of our tools: which include our health, pet, green, gardening, inner peace articles, archived resource material on our blogs such as healthy recipes and healthy living tips, our online community and clubs, our non-profit projects and partners we support that increase the reach of our circles and that help support beneficial organizations that improve our lives.