Garden Circkles 2015 Back Issues:

January 2015: The Lazy Wife (Green bean) Comes Back to Life. Cool Garden Gadgets 2015, Aphid Midges, Companion planting with clover, Grasshopper traps and more.

February 2015: Keeping a greenhouse warm without electricity, Growing citrus, get rid of cockroaches naturally, Hover flies, collards.

March 2015: Growing Moringa, a vitamin powerhouse, Hover flies, Building a coldframe from an old window, plants that are good for composting.

April 2015: Rototillers Compared: Which ones will save your back and buck. The Best Mulch is Grass Clippings. Companion Planting: Coriander.Leafhopper. Tachinid Flies.

May 2015: Dandelions and Bees. Greenhouse Idea:
Little Heaters out of Free 5 Gallon Buckets.
Asparagus Beetle. Crab Spiders. Ways With Rhubarb - Besides Always Looking for Recipes for it.

June 2015: Growing Hardy Kiwi. Oh no. Late Frost. Can Plants Still be Saved? The Purple Veggie Craze. Companion Planting: Cucumbers. Natural Deer Repellents. Green Lynx Spider

July 2015: Comfrey: A plant No Home Should Be Without. Think the Rain is Free? Think Again. Is There Such a Thing as a Kinkless Garden Hose? Spider Mites.

August 2015: Epsom Salts to Benefit Plants. Epsom Salts to Benefit Plants. Elderberry: Sambucus Nigra with Elderflower Champagne Recipe. Beneficial Bugs: Centipedes.

September 2015: Best U.S Harvest Festivals. China Aster. Callistephus chinensis. Organic Non-GMO Seed Suppliers.

October 2105: Those Nasty Thistles. Devil's Shoestring: Tephrosia virginiana. The Edible Daylily. Beneficial Insects.

November 2015: Holiday Gifts From the Garden. Diatomaceous Earth. Companion Planting Eggplant. It's a Good Time to Reinvigorate That Greenhouse.

December 2015: Growing and Making Your Own Molasses. Potato Onions. No, this is not a Typo. Seed Matters.




Garden Circkles 2013-2014 Issues:

Jan/Feb 2013 - Heirloom Seed Suppliers, Natural Pest Control etc.

March 2013 - Ready, Set, Sprout, Beneficial Insects etc.

April 2013 - Companion Planting, Apple Scab, etc.

May 2013 - Grow Your Own Bug Potions, Mosaic Garden Art, etc.

June 2013 - Foodscaping, Grape Arbors as Decor.

July 2013 - Better Tomatoes, Chinampas, Leaf Curl, Nasturtium.

August 2013 - Does Anybody Can Anymore?, (With canning recipes), Beneficial Insects etc.

September 2013 - Plants Can Tell Us Secrets, Apple Harvest Recipes.

October 2013 - Ollas, Ollas, Ollas; Urban Farming Family, Basil as a Companion and more.

November 2013 - Tilapia Farming and Backyard Aquaponics, Greenhouse Designs: Frame Materials Compared.
(Part one of Two.)

December 2013 - Making a Greenhouse Self Sufficient (Part two of two), Growing Winter Greens etc.


Garden Circkles 2014::

January 2014: Root Cellars Making a Comeback, Companion Planting with Nighshade, Attract Birds as Beneficials and more.

February 2014: Having Trouble Growing Blueberries? Try Honeyberry. Herbs for Bees, Natural Control for Spider Mites, Companion Planting with Borage.

March 2014: Birdhouse Gourds, Mealy bug destroyers, Making Compost Tea and more.

April 2014: Easy Pototo Growing and Harvesting. Growing French Tarragon, Easy Garden Art: Wire Alliums and more.

May 2014: Planning a Cottage Garden. Edible Weeds Part One. Beneficial Bugs: Tiger Beetle and more.

June 2014: Hail Protection For Plants. Edible Weeds Part Two. Companion Planting: Plants that add Lime and more.

July 2014: Easy Peasy Pea Trellis and Double Crop of Peas. Buckwheat: The Small Gardener's Grain. Beneficial Bugs: Bumble Bee. Companion Planting: Chamomile. Natural Pest and Disease Control: Apple Maggot.

August 2014: Harvest Time and Recipes. Rejuvenate Your Greenhouse for Winter Crops. Beneficial Bugs: Aphidiid Wasp. Companion Planting: Carrots. Natural Pest and Disease Control: Mosquitoes.

September 2014: If You Could Only Grow One Container Plant, Make it Kale. What to Do When Gardening is Over. Beneficial Bugs: Braconid Wasp. Companion Planting: Castor Bean. Autumn Flowers for Bees.

October 2014: Raspberry Varieties Compared. When the Frost is on the Pumpkin. Encarsia Formosa in Beneficial Bugs, Companion Planting with Celery, Catnip for insect control.

November 2014: Converting a Barn to a Greenhouse. Growing Chayote with a Recipe. Preventing Ants from Taking Their Aphid Harvests into Your Orchard Trees. Companion Planting with Chervil. Beneficial Insectss; Ichneumon Wasp.

December 2014: Can You Walipini? Ways to Stretch Your Harvest to the Holidays. Growing Turmeric. Beneficial insects, disease control - Tulip Fire, companion planting with chives.


Garden Circkles 2016 Back Issues:

January 2016: Take Another Look at Growing Jerusalem Artichokes, for Health Reasons. Why Grow Amaranth? Companion Planting: Euphorbia. Sustainable Gardening Club.

February 2016: Slugs in the Greenhouse. When Blueberries Won't Grow, Try Juneberries. With Juneberry Raspberry Cream Tart recipe.Organic, Non-GMO and Heirloom Seed Suppliers. Garden Club.

March 2016: Small Garden Tractors Compared. Growing Goldenseal. Seed Matters and Heirloom Suppliers. Garden Club.

April 2016: Growing Rosa Rugosa for the Hips. Dandelions Taste Like Chocolate? Why Didn't You Say So? Organic, Non-GMO and Heirloom Seed Suppliers. Garden Club.