Green Circkles Back Issues 2016:

January/ February 2016: BILL NYE: Scientist, Engineer, Comedian, Author, and Inventor. Window Treatments Can Make or Break the Energy Efficiency of Your Home. Businesses for the Greater Good Association. Pay it Forward: Sustainable Products with a Cause. The Backyard Biologist: Extinct Dutch Alcon Blue Butterfly. Or is it?

March / April 2016: No back issue. Sorry.


Green Circkles Back Issues 2015:

January 2015: Make a bee hut to keep your bees warm in the coldest weather. Steve's dome home in Thailand, cliff swallows, going back to bar soap as a Green Tip and more.

February 2015: Finally, viable hydrogen cars hit the market, 2015 year of the smart kitchen, green tip substitute for paper towels, the Bonobo and more.

March 2015: From swimming pool to garden ecosystem. The garden pool. O'Hare airport's vertical hydroponic garden, Environmentalism is now "in." and more.

April 2015: Green Dreams: 3 Story Vertical Greenhouse Breaks Ground in Jackson, WY. Argentina: The Country Monsanto Left for Dead.The Black Rhino now Endangered. GREEN TIPS: Bring Your Own Utensils.

May 2015: One Man Has Patent to Single-handedly Save Our Planet. GREEN TIPS: Choosing the Right Lawn Mower. Cities Using Toxic Waste to De-ice Roads. What are they Thinking? U.S. Fish and Wildlife Adds Northern Long-eared Bat to Endangered Species Act.

June 2015: Fracking Proven to be Causing Earthquakes. GREEN TIPS: Avoid Teflon Pans. “Study Links Water Contamination to Fracking Operations in Texas and Pennsylvania.”

July 2015: Flushing Medications Down the Toilet Poisons Our Water. (The proper way to dispose of meds.) Green Dreams: 16 Yr Old Creates Bike Phone Charger That Runs on Wind. The Backyard Biologist: The Tiger Quoll.

August 2015: The "Denying Americans the Right to Know Act" Has Passed. The Backyard Biologist: The Saiga. Fairphone Releases Fairphone 2 - Predecessor to Their Ethically produced phone you can fix yourself.

September 2015: Seventy Percent of the World's Coral Reefs are Already Gone. The Golden-Crowned Sifaka.Micro Chips Made From Wood.

October 2015: Green Circkles is switched back to a bimonthly published page.

Nov/Dec 15: Green Dreams: Florida Farm Gives Homeless a Chance. Popular Brands Going More Sustainable. Pay it Forward: Sustainable Products with a Cause:

Green Circkles Back Issues 2013-2014:

January 2013: Score One for the Little Guys: The message on Colorado bumper stickers says, “Hell no! We won’t glow!” Backyard Biologist: Karner Blue Butterfly.

February 2013: Eco-Friendly and Homemade Cleaners: Which Ones Actually Work. Green Household Tips. Backyard Biologist: Burrowing Owl.

March 2013: Going Off the Grid With Modern-Day Windmills. Green Household Tips. Tulotoma snail.

April 2013: Not Enough Clean Water to go Around. What is the best drinking water? Filtered, distilled, reverse osmosis or de-ionized? Tankless Hot Water Heaters. The American Pine Marten.

May 2013: March Against Monsanto. Vertical Farming and You Pick in Grocery Stores. Coral Reefs used for Medicines.

June 2013: Backyard Beekeeping may Bee Their Only Hope. Get Fresh Produce to Last One to Two weeks longer. Backyard Biologist: Honeybees.

July 2013: Make Recycling Easy. Just How Much Energy Does Recycling Save? Prairie Mole Cricket.This is the most important video of our time that every American needs to watch! New Green Gadgets.

August 2013: This is the most important video of our time that every American needs to watch! An Inexpensive Way to Use Gray Water. Superweeds.

September 2013: Here Chick Chick: Raising Chickens. Sustainable Living Fairs. End of the Road for Hundreds of Desert Tortoise.

October 2013: From Professional Basketball Player to Urban Farmer. Green Tips: Chemical-Free Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs. Dugongs.

November 2013: Is Farm-Raised Fish Safe? Aquaponics and Tilapia Farming. Reduce or Eliminate Usage of Oil/Gasoline/Petroleum in Your Car. Why Dupont Doesn't Want Legal Marijuana.The World's Oldest Bird.

December 2013: Have You Heard of The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)? For Your Sake, You Had Better. Using Less Electricity for Christmas Lights. Have a Greener Christmas. Sea Otter.


Green Circkles Back Issues 2014:

January 2014: A Solution for Clean Water Where There Isn't Any - Solar Water Distiller.What to do with all that Holiday Waste. Sustainable and Off-Grid Communities. The Grey Wolf.

February 2014: Just Cheesy! Make Your Own Cheese. GREEN TIPS: Using Glass Bottles for Paving Stones. New Green Gadgets Review: Power Monkey Solar Charger. Women Farmers Taking Root. The Backyard Biologist: The Monito Gecko

March 2014: 1000 Doctors Send Letters to Washington on Fracking. Green Cleaning Supplies Recipes. Green Products Review: Green Depot. The Backyard Biologist: The Vaquita.The First Completely Organic Country.

April 2014: McDonalds Joins the Global Roundtable in a Lame Attempt at Sustainable Beef. How Safe is the Water From a Garden Hose? The Backyard Biologist: Amur Leopard. Green Gadgets: Vampire Slayers.

May 2014: Thinking of Solar Panels? You'd Better Hurry. Green Gadgets: Non-Chemical Drain Cleaner. The Brown Bear. Green Gadgets: Soil Lamp.

June 2014: New Science in Schools Being Rejected for Being too Realistic. Make Your Refrigerator more Efficient.An Attempt to Bring Back the Dead. The Quagga project. The Baiji white dolphin.

July 2014: Roundup Causes Cell Dysfunction Leading to Cancer. Roundup Responsible for Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance. Glyphosate Toxic to Mouth Cells & Damages DNA, Roundup Much Worse. Bt Toxin Kills Human Kidney Cells. Don't Believe All Water Filter Ads.The Black-Footed Ferret and more.

August 2014: Local Governments Trampling Your Right to Grow Your Own Food or be Sustainable. Fracking and the Sage/Prairie Grouse. Green Gadgets: Biolite. Sustainable Vacation Spots.

September 2014: Maker Faire Africa. Green Gadgets: USB battery charger. Green Festival L.A.

October 2014: Massachusetts Enacts Aggressive Food Waste Ban. GREEN TIPS: Make Your Own Laundry Soap for a Fraction of the Cost. Green Dreams: Stefano Boeri's Vertical Forest.GREEN GADGETS: Derringer Bikes.The Backyard Biologist: Sumatran Elephant.

November 2014: Natural Ways to Purify Indoor Air. GREEN TIPS: Going Green at the Salon. Green Dreams: Ethan Schussler's Bicycle Elevator. The Backyard Biologist: Santa Cruz Long-Toed Salamander. GREEN GADGETS: Bambooee

December 2014: Utopia? See the Only 100% Organic City in the U.S. Green Tips: Having a Greener Christmas. The Backyard Biologist: Canadian Lakes Turning to Jelly. GREEN GADGETS: Gift Wraps.