Health Circkles Back Issues 2016:

January 2016: Ever Heard of Inulin? No, Not Insulin. CBD Oil is Changing the Debate Over the use of Marijuana as Medicine. Foods That Heal: Mushrooms. Health Club, Recipe Club, Herb Club.

February 2016: GMO Meat and GMO-Fed Meat. Handling Your Child's Food Allergies at School. Foods That Heal: Mustard Greens. Health Club, Recipe Club, Herb Club.

March 2016: H. Pylori Found to be More Common in U. S Drinking Water Than Originally Assumed.What You Might Not Know About Bromide in Breads. Health Club, Recipe Club, Herb Club.

April 2016: Prebiotics vs Probiotics. Which is More Beneficial? How to Wash with the No Poo Method; Natural Body Care: No Poo Alternatives. Health Club, Recipe Club, Herb Club.

Health Circkles Back Issues 2014 - 2015:

January 2015: How to sleep like a baby, What your tongue says about you: tongue health charts, Foods that heal - Guava, Hangover cures, Gotu Kola herb and more.

February 2015: How to prevent arm flab after age 40, Why the Amish are so much healthier than the rest of us, Kale, Hawthorn and more.

March 2015: You probably thought you were brushing your teeth right. Dentist says probably not. Shiny, healthier hair and scalp naturally, Scientists name watercress a powerhouse food, Horehound, Make your own cough drops and more.

April 2015: Homeopathic, Alternative Medicine, and Herbal are NOT the Same Thing .HOME REMEDIES: Canker Sores. FDA is Increasing the Allowable Limit of Harmful Aspartame in Diet Drinks. HERBS: Kava Kava.

May 2015: The Correct Way to Use Herbs. HOME REMEDIES: Bug Bites, Stings. Foods That Heal: Kiwi. Bug Repellent Oil recipe, Face Cream recipe, Kelp.

June 2015: Is Microwaved Food Bad for You? HOME REMEDIES: Another use for dark chocolate. Easily Make Your Own Facial Toner.Foods That Heal: Kohlrabi. Licorice Root herb.

July 2015: Leptin Studies Reveal Key Ways to Avoid Being Overweight & Cancer. Foods That Heal: Lemon. Herbs, Home Remedies.

August 2015: New Warning Not to Take Vitamins at Levels Higher Than Found in Foods. Healthy recipe club. Skin Benefits of Goat's Milk Products.

September 2015: Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar Without Drugs. How to Know if You Are Getting Quality Essential Oils. Foods That Heal: Mangoes. Circkles Herb Club.

October 2015: Naturally Improve Your Vision.How to Lighten Age Spots Naturally and Protect Your Face. Mangosteen. Health Club.

November 2015: Good Cosmetic Makup and Bad Makeup. We are the Only Animals That Cook Our Food. (About the importance of enzymes). Foods That Heal: Melons. Thanksgiving Recipe Edition.

December 2015: Unique Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas 2015. Here we go a Wassailing. Christmas Gifts from the Kitchen 2015 Edition.


Health Circkles Back Issues 2014:

January 2014: Happy New Year's Hangover Remedies, And Next Comes the New Year's Resolution Diet. Herbs -Don Quai, Foods That Heal-Cocoa, HOME REMEDIES: Upset Stomach, Fullness, Bloating and more.

February 2014: Exercise Your Lymph, Herbs-Echinacia.HOME REMEDIES: Whiten your teeth safely and naturally.Foods That Heal-Cocount, Fact or Fallacy: Skin Tags Are an Indiction of Being Prone to Cancer, Vitamin C: What is it Good for?.

March 2014: Garcinia Cambogia Supplements Compared. Mesquite Meal. HOME REMEDIES: Pamper Your Pups: Your Feet and legs that is. Herbs-Elderberry. Vitamin D. What's it Good For? Foods That Heal-Collard Greens.

April 2014: Some Wart Removers are Flammable. Being Tired all the Time Could be Simple Anemia. HOME REMEDIES: Acupressure for Headache Relief. Herbs-Eucalyptus. Bringing the Stomach Back to Optimal Health. Foods That Heal-Corn is an allergen.

May 2014: Warning About A New Sweetener That Will Hit Store Shelves Soon .HOME REMEDIES: Natural Sunburn Relief. First They're Bad for Us, Now They're Good For Us? What to Believe About Saturated Fats. Herbs-Eyebright. Here Come Those Springtime Allergies. Foods That Heal-Cucumber. Fuschia Thai Salad recipe.

June 2014: Heavy Metals in Organic. Home Remedies: Pimples and Acne. Your Favorite Snack May be Killing You Slowly. Foods That Heal: Dates. Herbs: Fennel. Vitamin E, What's it Good for?

July 2014: Fatty Liver Disease in Children on the Rise. Danger Found with Neti Pots. Home Remedies: Cramps, Diarrhea, Female Complaints. Herbs: Fenugreek. Foods That Heal: Figs. Vitamin K, What's it Good For?

August 2014: Cannabis (Marijuana) Cures Cancer and Now Lyme Disease. Herbs: Feverfew. Foods That Heal: Chokeberry (Aronia). Home Remedies: Scars and Blemishes.

September 2014: The Symptoms Good Posture Can Eliminate (with exercises). Home Remedies: Eye Puffiness and Circles. Herbs: Garlic. Foods That Heal: Eggplant.

October 2015: Eye damage caused by computer screens. Home Remedies: make your own eyedrops, Foods That Heal: Figs. Herbs: Ginger Root.

November 2015: Oral Allergy Syndrome Usually Goes Undiagnosed. Yet Another Reason to Cut Back on Meat. And Now Milk Too? Gogi Berries. Remedies for Rashes. Herbs: Gingko Biloba.

December 2015: Should You Eat Dirt? The New Clay Cleansing Diet Reviewed. Consumer Apps to Detect Toxins in Foods and Monitor Vital Signs. Remedies for Sore Muscles. Herbs: Goldenseal. Foods Tha Heal: Grapes.



Health Circkles Back Issues 2013-2012:

January 2013: A Dangerous Product is Just Being Relabeled and Put Back on Shelves. Label Reading 101: Reading Between the B.S. HOME REMEDIES: Restless Legs Syndrome. Herbs-Bilbery, New Year's Detox. NATURAL / ORGANIC PRODUCT REVIEW: EO Certified Organic Products: Chico Latte recipe.

February 2013: Make Exercise Fun or You Won't Do it. Easy Breakfast Substitutions for Sugary, Nutritionless Prepackaged Cereals. HOME REMEDIES - Cold Sores. HERBS - Black Cohosh. FOODS THAT HEAL - Blackberries.

March 2013: Are Generic Drugs the Same Medicine? HOME REMEDIES-Toothache Pain. Energy Drinks: Is This What We've Taught Our Kids to do? Shame on us. HERBS - Black Walnut Hull. FOODS THAT HEAL: Brazil Nuts. Electrolyte Tea recipe.

April 2013: Healthier Southern Cooking with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. The REAL Way to Avoid a Heart Attack: Internet Gimmick Discredited. HOME REMEDIES: Saline Eye Wash and Nasal Moisturizer. HERBS: Cascara Sagrada. Beware of Temporary Tattoos That Are Not True Henna. FOODS THAT HEAL- Blueberries.

May 2013: Anything That Tastes This Nasty, Has to be Good For You- Brewer's Yeast. HOME REMEDIES: Eczema. The Latest Diet Craze: Eat Like a Caveman? The Paleo Diet Reviewed. HERBS - Cayenne Pepper. FOODS THAT HEAL - Broccoli.

June 2013: We Are Now Dying Younger - Leaky Gut Syndrome. With important information on Fibromyalgia, Food Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmune disorders and more. HOME REMEDIES: Warts. Healthier Soda Substitutes. FOODS THAT HEAL - Brussels Sprouts. Fact or Fallacy: Avoid Bananas? Don't be Stupid.

July 2013: The Truth About Fibrocystic Disease. HOME REMEDIES: Rashes. HERBS - Chickweed. FOODS THAT HEAL - Buckwheat. Beware of Caffeine Additives in the Most Unexpected Places. NATURAL & ORGANIC PRODUCT REVIE - Serenity Progesterone Cream by Health Science.

August 2013: Most Doctors Will Never Tell Men or Women About Estrogen Dominance. HOME REMEDIES: Insect Bites, Bee Stings. Which cooking oil should I use? HERBS - Chickory. Food Fraud. FOODS THAT HEAL - Cabbage. Herbs - Plantain.

September 2013: Hang Like a Bat to Benefit Your Spine. HOME REMEDIES: Sleep Aids. HERBS: ComfreyRoot. FOODS THAT HEAL: Carob. Not Too Fond of Pumpkin Seeds but Want the Nutritional Benefits? Squash Seeds.

October 2013: Pain. What You Can Do About it Naturally. HOME REMEDIES: Improve Your Hair. B12: What's it Good For?HERBS - Cranberry. FOODS THAT HEAL - Carrots.

November 2013: Vitamin A: What's it Good For? HOME REMEDIES: Cracked Heels. How to Defend Yourself Against Breast Cancer. HERBS - Dandelion. FOODS THAT HEAL - Celery.

December 2013: The Acrylamide in Fried Foods Debate. Gallbladder disease and Unnecessary Surgeries. FOODS THAT HEAL - Cherries. HERBS - Dill. HOME REMEDIES: Upset Stomach, Fullness, Bloating.

December 2012: Japanese Kobido Facial Massage. HOME REMEDIES:  Sprains, bruises, cuts, broken bones, swelling. NUTRITION: Butter vs Margarine and Holiday Cooking.

November 2012: HEALTH ALERT: Arsenic in Rice. Celiac Disease and What Are Gluten-Free Products. HOME REMEDIES:  Parasites. Health Product Reviews: Bionaturae.