Pet Circkles issues 2013-2014:

January 2013: Natural Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia Supplement for Dogs. NATURAL PET REMEDIES: Diarrhea. DOG BREEDS - Alaskan Malamute. Home Remedies for Furballs. Stop Chewing!

February 2013: NATURAL PET REMEDIES: Nervousness or Separation Anxiety. Link Between Pet Allergies to Poultry and Vaccines. DOG BREEDS - American Bulldog. Why Do Some Individuals Have a Bad Reaction to Vaccines and Some Don't? New Scientific Evidence Finally Determines the Cause of Ferret Tumor Syndrome.

March 2013: To Feed Grain or Not to Feed Grain, Natural Pet Remedies - Ear Infections. DOG BREEDS - Cocker Spaniel, Humdinger Horse Cookies recipe, Cat Scratch Fever.

April 2013: Barefoot is a Happy Horse. Natural Pet Remedies - Mares in Heat or Pregnant. DOG BREEDS - American Eskimo. Raw Ferret Food. Ferret Soup Bowl recipe.

May 2013: Ditch the Fly Sprays, Try Horse Scents. Natural Pet Remedies - Pet Flatulence. Coping With a Blind Dog. DOG BREEDS - American Foxhound,

June 2013: Pets, Children and Lawn Chemicals Don't Mix. Natural Pet Remedies - Cleanse for Toxins. DOG BREEDS - English Mastiff. Detox Your Pet From Chemical Exposure.

July 2013: DSLD, A Complicated, Increasing Disease in Horses. Natural Pet Remedies - Fleas and Ticks. DOG BREEDS - American Pitbull. dCon Poisoning in Pets.

August 2013: Kidney Failure, the Leading Cause of Death in Cats. Natural Pet Remedies - Choking/Poisoning. DOG BREEDS - American Staffordshire Terrier.

September 2013: Canine Bloat is Life Threatening in a Matter of Minutes. Natural Pet Remedies - Pet Dander, Dry Skin. DOB BREEDS - American Water Spaniel. Nature's Answer to Pet Allergies.

October 2013: Your Pet's Thyroid is Very Important Too. NATURAL PET REMEDIES: Using herbal remedies or supplements for pets. DOG BREEDS: Anatolian Shepard.

November 2013: Science Finally Proves Animals Have Feelings Too.  And Disproves Another Age-Old Misconception. Learning From a Genius - Alex the Parrot. NATURAL PET REMEDIES:  Bad Breath, Tartar Buildup. DOG BREEDS - Australian Cattle Dog / Heeler. TRAINING TIP:  Animals Respond to Tone and Action More Than Words.

December 2013: Pet and Pain Killers. NATURAL PET REMEDIES: Fleas recipe. DOG BREEDS - Australian Shepard. Laminitis: Research in Europe Confirms the Cause


Pet Circkles issues 2014:

January 2014: Pot-Bellied Pals: Pigs as Pets. NATURAL PET REMEDIES: Worms. DOG BREEDS- Basenji. Training a Stubborn Breed.

February 2014: Don't Give a Broken Heart for Valentine's Day. Training an Adopted Animal. DOG BREEDS - Basset Hound. NATURAL PET REMEDIES: Natural Alternatives to Clay Cat Litter.

March 2014: Pet Toy Safety and Natural Toys. DOG BREEDS - Beagle. NATURAL PET REMEDIES: Constipation in Pets.

April 2014: When a Cat Stops Eating, Time is Critical. Pet Remedies: Prorrhoea in Cats. DOG BREEDS - Beauceron. Aquarium Fish Diseases.

May 2014: Intranasal Pet Vaccines Are Not Safer. Pet Remedies: Matted or Tangled Hair.DOG BREED - Belgium Shepherd.National Mill Dog Rescue.

June 2014: Now Your Pet Can Tell You When They're Sick. Non-processed Pet Treats. Dog Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog. More Vets are Confirming that Annual Vaccinations are not Necessary.

July 2014: Pet Smoothies. A Horse of Any Other Color. Natural Remedies: Pet Scratches on Wood Floors. dog Breed: Bichon Frisé.

August 2014: Pet Safety Harnesses for Vehicles all Fail. Natural Pet Remedies: Fear of Thunder and Loud Noises.Dog Breed: Black and Tan Coonhound. Lyme Disease in Horses is Often Overlooked.

September 2014: How Horses Communicate. Unusual Dog Behaviors Explained. Natural Remedies: Horse Cribbing and Chewing. Dog Breed: Black Mouth Cur.

October 2014: Chocolate Poisoning in Animals. Raw Food Diets. Free Radicals and Your Pet. Dog Breed: Bloodhound.

November 2014: Correct Excessive Barking. Entertainment for Dogs While You Are Away. The New Dog Virus, Circovirus, Can be Deadly. Border Collies.

December 2014: Pet Gift Ideas. Have Yourself a Furry Little Christmas. Keeping Pets Away from the Tree. Boston Terrier. Amazing Pet Stories.

Pet Circkles issues 2016:

January 2016: Dog-Wool Clothing: Getting Really Close to Your Pet. Free Ferret Fun. Featured DOG BREED: Dachshund. Natural Pet Remedies.

February 2016: Grieving for a Pet. Valentine's Day Pet Campaign. Featured DOG BREED: Dalmation. Natural Pet Remedies.

March 2016: DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) is no Longer Common to Just Shepherds. Housebreaking a Puppy: Tips and Techniques. Featured DOG BREED: Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. Pet Home Remedies.

April 2016: This Little Piggy...May Not Be so Little After All. The Truth About Micro (Tea Cup) Pigs. A Great Way to Memorialize Your Pet. Stopping Bad Habits Like Biting, Aggressive Play Etc. Featured DOG BREED:
Doberman Pinscher.
Natural Pet Remedies.

Pet Circkles issues 2015:

January 2015: The Tao of Equus: One woman's transformation and healing through the horse. 5 Health Indicators You Should Always be Monitoring for Your Pet. Natural remedy for rain rot on horses, Boxers, Big Dogs Huge Paws Rescue and more.

February 2015: Guide horses. Best first pets for kids. Heartland Farm Animal Rescue, Apple Cider Vinegar for pets, Brittany Spaniel and more.

March 2015: Blister Beetles in hay can kill horses. Reasons for poor health in birds, Bull Terriers, Ferret Dreams Rescue, Scrappy's Story: One brave little ferret, and more.

April 2015: Before You Buy Another Flea Collar, You Should Read This. Natural Pet Remedies: Dry skin and irritations.Brachycephalic Syndrome. American Bulldog.

May 2015: Miniature Donkeys as Pets. Natural Pet Remedies: Proper way to clean a pet's ears. The Special Needs of Giant Breeds. Bullmastiff.

June 2015: Is Your Cat Food Killing Your Cat? Natural Pet Remedies: Loss of a friend. Preparing Pets to Fly. Cane Corso Breed.

July 2015: Is New NPDS Pet Dental Procedure Safe? Pet Bee Stings. New Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Canine Joint Disorders and Arthritis.Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

August 2015: Operation Bagdad Pups and The Healing Power of Pets in the Military. Chihuahua breed. Adopting a Barn Cat. Natural pet remedies.

September 2015: How Pets Evolved and How it Affects Their Health. Chinook dog breed. Natural Pet Remedies.

October 2015: Does Your Dog Howl to Music or Singing? Dog Breed: Chow Chow. Don’t Give up on Your Dog Just Because He's Getting old.

November 2015: Pumpkin is Good For Pets. Thanksgiving for Pets? Only if You Truly Give Them a Treat. Rough Collie.

December 2015: The Best Christmas Gift for Pets. Think Twice About This Popular Pet for Kids. Smooth Collie.