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Sponsor a Beehive

Help the bees set up colonies in areas that are isolated from agricultural spraying. Private hives may be the only chance the honeybee has for survival. 

Circkles Sponsor a Beehive project america!

We believe the only chance the honeybee has of having any future at all is to encourage and support the distribution and implementation of private bee colonies in remote areas that are isolated from agricultural pesticide spraying.

Sponsorships and the sale of Bee Merchandise in our gift shop go toward setting up bee colonies in areas of the United States that are isolated from agricultural pesticide spraying, such as in the Rocky Mountains where the terrain does not permit farming or crop dusting.
We also educate and establish apiary participants of our program in the best ways to set up and maintain honeybee hives in organic conditions. Our apiary participants network and share information on experiences and techniques that may help us all insure the bees will not become extinct. Bees need our help, that is certain. We created the circumstances that are leading to their demise, it is our responsibilty to try to reverse the damage we have done before it's too late. 

If the honeybee becomes extinct our crops will suffer greatly because the honeybee is one of our most important pollinators. We will also no longer have honey, because to date, we have not found a way to commercially create honey; only honeybees have the secret to making honey.

More information about sponsorship packages and what they include below.

Bee Sponsorships

Send a sponsorship as a unique and thoughful gift. Gift sponsorships are shipped with a gift card from the giver to the recipient. Specify recipient's address in the "ship to" area during checkout. More information about sponsorships below these package offers. 

Worker Bee sponsorship

Give as a gift. Supply recipient's shipping information during checkout.

$ 35 / year
  • 1 pint of organic honey 
  • Annual newsletter on your hive.

queen bee sponsorship

Give as a gift. Supply recipient's shipping information during checkout.

$ 99 / year
  • 2 pints of organic honey, 1 sent every 6 months / year
  • Annual newsletter on your hive.
  • 1 - "I'm part of a colony" coffee mug
  • 1 - "I'm part of a colony" tote bag.

More About Our Honey Sponsorships:

• All the honey will be non-processed, raw, unfiltered and as organic as possible. It’s impossible to know for sure where the bees are getting all of their nectar from, but our sponsorship program only uses beekeepers who plant organic nectar sources on their property and are not located within a two mile radius of any farms or other sources that may spray chemicals. This would defeat the purpose of our program which is to re-establish healthy honeybee colonies and the only way to do that is to ensure they are as chemical-free as possible. However, given the nature of bees, the FDA does not allow most honey manufacturers to label their honey as organic because there is no definite way to prove that it is. 

• You can visit your hive anytime by booking an appointment with the beekeeper at least a month in advance.

• You can purchase additional honey at a discounted price from your beekeeper in their newsletters. Organic honey typically sells for $15-$20 per quart, which is 2 lbs. As a sponsor you can purchase quart size jars of organic, raw, non-processed honey or honeycomb for much less.

Warning: Raw honey products should not be fed to infants under 2 years of age as a precaution.

• If you would like information and advice on setting up your own hive, harvesting and caring for your bees, good places to get equipment from and anything bee-related just contact us.

• To become a member of the Circkle's Bee Project and be eligible for allowing others to sponsor your hives, also contact us. We will need to inspect your site and hives before granting you sponsorship status in our program.

From the bee gift shop - HOver over images

Bee Gifts

Send your honey some honey for Valentine's Day, birthday, Christmas or just for the fun of it. Order with your choice of organic honey candies.


Fun bee apparel like quality knitted scarves in bee stripes, hats, beanies etc.


Bee proud to be part of a colony and the efforts to support them. Left chest art or full front or back art available.


Artistic and useful products sporting bee art or colony sponsorship. Tote bags, coffee mugs, travel mugs and more.

The Flow Hive

It's great in theory, but has anyone asked the bees what they think?

how flow hive works

The Flow Hive REviewed

Now that it's been out on the market for a while, we thought we would find out  what actual beekeepers think of the latest in beehive technology. In a nutshell, they are like us, still skeptical and not that impressed. 

Oh, the new Flow Hive created by Aussies Cedar Anderson and his father Stuart appears to be a beekeepers’ dream, but you know the old addage: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?" So we decided to take a survey of beekeepers actually using the Flow Hive.

The Andersons, from Australia say they couldn’t believe how popular the invention became when they launched it on the Kickstarter crowd-funding site in order to get the product to other beekeepers and interested consumers.
Originally, they were looking to raise $US70,000 ($96,952) to buy a new tool for the factory, but the campaign went viral and they made more than $US2 million ($A2.7m) in a day. Eight weeks later, they had raised $US12.2 million ($A16.9m) and had to make 24,000 orders to be sent to 140 countries.

Cedar’s colleague Yari McGauley recalled how it unfolded.

“We overwhelmed the crowd-funding website, broke one of the biggest crowd-funding platforms in the world. We had people screaming out, ‘Take our money!’ People were buying, they didn’t even know what they were buying. It was a frenzy. It was like a rock concert, you know? Our Facebook page was just inundated. All the product we knew we could make at our existing factory in Brisbane, we’d sold out in 15 minutes. And everyone looked around the room to each other and said, ‘Well, what are we gonna do now?’”
That’s when Cedar’s life changed forever. He became a multi-millionaire, and a first-time dad as his wife Kylie Ezart gave birth to their first child.