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We are setting Circkles FREE!


Yes, we are making some changes to the site due to server/software issues, so please bear with us. Now you don’t have to log in to our site to use it. Anybody can use it. The only time our site will prompt you to log in now is if you want to post a comment – and you can now post comments at the bottom of most of our pages with your Facebook login. Awesome! We are now fully integrated with Facebook for the networking. It’s mind-blowing the things computers are capable of (when they work right.) 

Circkles Clubs: If you are a club member (follow any of our clubs) you only have to login in to our clubs if you want to post or read comments or share you input and experiences. Otherwise, you can read all of our club postings without logging in, but you will miss club announcements (only sent once or twice a month to keep you up on new club articles.)