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forest path


In the city, we see millions of lives represented in the windows, doors, and many floors of each building. We see excitement and the glories of civilization. But no matter how much people may enjoy the city, they understand the need for retreat into nature.

In the countryside, they find the nurturing quality of freedom. They can see new possibilities and can wander without societal impositions. In the past, pioneers saw the open prairies and were filled with dreams of dominating nature with the glories of man. Now we know different. we must preserve the wilds for our very survival.

We need time to lie fallow. If you cannot leave the city, just find a little quiet time each day to withdraw into yourself. Meditate, go for a walk in fields or in the hills. But none of us can maintain the fertility of our beings without renewal.  ~Deng Ming Dao

Handling Toxic People.


We’ve all had to deal with at least one at some point in our lives: that person who is so miserable they aren’t happy unless they are making others as miserable as they are. Be it a relative, a boss, a co-worker or significant other, you absolutely cannot allow these people to bring you down to their level. They wallow in misery, unhappiness, negativity etc., all places you don’t want to be and shouldn’t have to put up with. In a nutshell, these people are abusive.

The best way to deal with toxic people is to simply have nothing to do with them, but what if you are in a situation in which that just isn’t possible; say at work or in your family? What can you do to defend yourself mentally?

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VortexThe world is a storm of myriad realities, yet we cannot allow ourselves to be swept into the vortex. To do so is to be lost and to lose the true center where all understanding will come. We must act, but in the right way.

Only when wisdom, courage, timing and perseverance are combined can one have a sound basis for initiative. The action must be complete. It must burn clean; it cannot leave any bad ramifications or lingering traces. An act that leaves destruction, resentment or untidiness in its wake is a poor one. ~ Deng Ming-Dao.

There once was a Wanderer…

wanderer_by_marcodalidingo-d4o1vprThere once was a wanderer who cared nothing for fame. Although he had many chances for position, he continued to search for teachers who could help him master 5 things: zither, chess, book, painting and sword.

The zither gave hi music, which expressed his soul. Chess cultivated strategy and a response to the actions of another. Books gave him academic education. Painting was the exercise of beauty and sensitivity. Sword was a means for health and defense.

One day a little boy asked the wanderer what he would do if he lost his 5 things. At first the wanderer became frightened, but he soon realized that his zither could not play itself, the chess board was nothing without players, a book needed a reader, brush and ink could not move on their own accord and a sword could not be unsheathed without a hand. He realized that his cultivation was not merely for the acquisition of skills or things. It was a path to the innermost of his being.

Painting by Marcodalingo. For more inspiration and motivation, see our Motivity Page.