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GREEN TIPS: Going back to using bar soaps.

How-To-Make-Soap1-660x444Liquid soaps, including shampoo, all have the same basic foundational ingredients as bar soap, so in essence, you are paying extra for the water added to liquid soaps and the plastic bottles they are packaged in.

Bar soaps work just as good, and today, they have been modified with extra moisturizing ingredients and herbal oils and scents to be even better than most liquid soaps and shampoo. So why pay extra for the water and plastic packaging.

There are many homemade or artisan crafted bar soaps on themarket now that are wonderful. Plus, many of them can be purchased in bulk and don’t even come with any wrappers, or just paper packaging at most. These are much more economical than any liquid soap.

But you are saying to yourself, “What about the mess and when the bar gets too small to use, you end up throwing that part away and it’s wasteful.” Our response: “True, but take all those small, unusable pieces of soap, put them in a bottle of water, shake, and use the liquid soap you just made to wash your hair with. Always put your bars of soap in a soap dish to make the mess easier to clean than if you just put them on the sink.