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Companion Planting with Wormwood.

Wormwood (artemsia)Companion Planting: Plants that assist each other to grow well, repel insects or even other plants when grown next to each other can be a sustainable and eco-friendly way to improve and protect your garden against unwanted inhabitants.

Wormwood Artemisia absinthium:

Absinth wormwood takes advantage of disturbed areas where there is little plant competition. Without attention, the plant will also out-compete desirable plants and grasses in pastures, fields, and native grasslands. Growing like a small bush of about 15-24 inches with feathery silver-colored leaves. It has a smell similar to sage when you crush it in your hands and many people mistake it for sage. Planted as a border, it will keep animals away, but it will also compete heavily with any plants it is near, so plant it where you want to keep out other weeds or grass. Once established, it will not need to be watered and will readily self-sow all over your yard.