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Beneficial Insects: Assassin Bug.

Beneficial Insects: Assassin Bug.
Order: Hemiptera. Family: Reduviidae

Depending on your area, your assassin bugs may look slightly different from the one in this photo, but generally they are elongate, about 1/2″-3/4″ long, dull or brightly colored, with a long head and legs and a curved beak they use to inject paralyzing venom into their prey- which is why you don’t want to pick one up barehanded as it might bite you. They feast on flies, bees, leafhoppers, Japanese beetles, caterpillars and tomato hornworms etc.
They will take up permanent residence in leafy perennials where they can stalk their prey – hence the name Assassin Bug.
The nymphs (young) look like smaller wingless versions of th adults.