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Companion Planting: Chamomile and Identifying Two Types.

Plants that assist each other to grow well, repel insects or even other plants when grown next to each other is called companion planting and can be a sustainable and eco-friendly way to improve and protect your garden against unwanted pests and disease.

chamomile german vs romanChamomile:

There are two types of chamomile: German or wild chamomile can be distinguished from the Roman chamomile by the hollow bottom of its blossom. An excellent companion plant to cabbages and onions, chamomile with improve the growth of both.

Wheat grown with small amounts of chamomile will grow heavier and fuller ears.

Chamomile flowers can be used in a dog’s bed against fleas. Put the flowers in the stuffing of the bed. The blossoms soaked in water can be used as a spray to treat plant diseases like damping off in greenhouses and cold frames.

Photo: German chamomile is on the left, Roman on the right. German also has a more upright stem with many flowers on a multi-branched stem. Roman has a vining habit with only one flower at the end of a stem.

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