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Researcher’s Recipe for Garlic Spray.

Natural Insect and Disease Control:

Researcher’s Recipe for Garlic Spray: Here’s the basic recipe the European researchers used as we mentioned in the article to the right called: “Grow Your Own Bug Potions.” It can be used for many infestations and diseases as per the article.

3 oz. of chopped garlic bulbs soaked in 2 teaspoons of mineral oil for 24 hours.

Then slowly add a pint of water to which 1/4 oz. of soap has been dissolved (not detergent) – see our article on natural cleaners for an explanation of the difference. Stir well and strain through a fine cheesecloth or coffee filter and store in a glass container since it will react to metals.

To use as a spray, mix 1 part of this oil solution with 20 parts water. Shake up well before spraying.

For tree caterpillars: Dissolve a half cake of Octagon soap (which you can still by through Amazon.com surprisingly) in one gallon of hot water, add 2 mashed garlic bulbs and add 4 teaspoons of cayenne pepper.