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Mosaic Garden Art.


Mosaic art is a beautiful way to recycle old glass bottles, plates, tiles etc. Rather than just throwing it away, you can make a lasting piece of art to enjoy for years, maybe even generations. Here are the basic instructions to get started.

1.) Draw out your design concept beforehand so you can use it as a template.

2.) The size of the mosaic pieces depends on how detailed you want your design to be. Drawing it out ahead of time will help you establish the size of the tiles you want.

3.) Once you are certain of your design and have cut your pieces of glass with a tile saw or other means, glue your pieces onto your design surface one at a time. Wood glue works, or any glue that will dry quickly. Make sure to leave at least a minimum 1/8 to 1/4 inch gap between pieces to fill in with the grout later.

4.) Make sure to allow the glue to set the full recommended time before attempting to start grouting the gaps. You don’t want your pieces to be moving around on you while you are grouting.

5.) Mix your grout according to manufacture instructions. Always wear a face mask to avoid breathing the grout dust. Slowly spread the grout into the cracks. Using a sponge make sure to remove any and all excess grout. Rinse out your sponge often to avoid clumps dragging across the surface and scratching the glass. Don’t overdue wiping down the cracks or you will start to remove the grout between the tiles. Keep the surface damp while you work so the grout does not cure too fast as it will crack. Once the grout has set up and dried, you will probably need to wipe down the area again to get any dried grout residue removed from your design before you display it.

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