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Praying Mantis.


Praying Mantid. Order: Mantodea. Family: Mantidae

Or Praying Mantis is bright green to brownish-gray in color depending on their surroundings, they are the only insect that can look over their shoulder, but mostly they sit motionless, patiently waiting for an unsuspecting passer-by. They will eat just about anything, which means good as well as bad bugs, but they are worth having around as one of the few things that will put a good dent in a grasshopper infestation.


Praying Mantis egg cocoon.


They lay their eggs in the fall in a cocoon-like case that is usually attached to anything made of wood. You will often see them attached to the underside of a wooden fence or branch. Mantises can vary greatly in size depending on the climate, with the largest ones – up to 5 inches in length – being spotted in the warmer southern climates. They venture as far north as Northern Colorado in the Southwest’s warmer northern regions.