Do you know what foods will give you more energy, calm your nerves, act as an anti-inflammatory, help prevent cancers, or help you lose weight? Hopefully this column will help you to have a better understanding of food and its healing properties. The best diet for optimal health is a wide variation of foods, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and minimally cooked whole foods. Sweets, fatty foods, meat, dairy and carbs in moderation.

Red Beet:

Therapeutic Properties: The root is very good for the digestion when eaten raw or juiced and contains a lot of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Beet Greens are an excellent source of vitamin A and potassium.

Acid or Alkaline: Alkaline

Significant Nutrients: 1/2 C of steamed beet greens contains 3672IU of vitamin A, 82mg of calcium, 49mg of magnesium and 611mg of potassium.


Sprains, bruises, cuts, broken bones, swelling:


Sprains, bruises, cuts, broken bones, swelling:
Comfrey Compress: Comfrey root is an amazing herb that many people are not even aware of. There have been claims that it can heal broken bones and there have been a few reports of it actually growing new bone. It works fantastically on injuries that include bruising, swelling and inflammation, and animals and small children tolerate it well because it does not sting but is very soothing. I always keep it on hand because you just never know when you will need it.
Make a decoction by mixing 1 cup water with 1/2 cup chopped comfrey root, cover and bring to a boil. Remove from heat, keep covered and let steep and cool for 20 minutes. When cool, soak a washcloth or other cloth in the decoction and place on injury as a compress. Wrap with plastic to keep moist and leave on for 3-4 hours. Refresh if needed until injury is healed. Store comfrey decoction in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. Can be frozen for up to one year and just re-heated when needed.

Warning: Only use comfrey externally! Do not take internally.

Health Product Reviews: Bionaturae Tomato Products.

“I have seen you mention a brand called Bionaturae in your recipes section. I am very interested in using more products that are not in cans. Can you tell me where I can find this brand?” ~ S.C, New Mexico.

Circkle’s response: Bionaturae is a very small company and many retailers have not had to deal with consumers demanding products packaged in glass rather than cans so may not carry their line of tomato sauce and paste in glass jars. We have found it at most Vitamin Cottage stores and Whole Foods. Often if your local stores don’t carry an item they are able to special order it. It’s worth checking into.

“What’s happening to Eclectic Institute? There are very few stores that carry their brand anymore and the one store where I could still find their supplements is phasing them out. I have read that they are one of the best quality herbal supplements out there. Please email me and let me know your thoughts or anyone elses.
Thanks. ~T.J. in Colorado

Circkle’s response to J.J. You are right J.J., they are considered one of the best herbal supplement manufacturers, but their higher prices and lack of educating are why consumers are not supporting them and neither are store. Consumers tend to purchase what is cheapest and not necessarily what’s better. See if your local health food store can special order them. Eclectic has a website, but ordering online is even more expresive. Sorry this news wasn’t better.

If you have a question or want some information on a product, chances are we have tried it. Just ask us about it on our Contact form. We will only post your question here if you give us permission to.

HEALTH ALERT! Aresenic Found in Rice.

HEALTH ALERT! Aresenic Found in Rice.

On Wednesday, September 20,, 2012 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the release of preliminary data to determine the presence of arsenic in rice and rice products. This news has generated concern within the celiac and gluten-intolerant communities as rice is the most common grain used in gluten-free products and individuals following a gluten-free diet are likely to consume more rice-based products than the average American.

Earlier this year, Consumer Reports (CR) tested rice and rice based products and  found measurable amounts of both inorganic arsenic, a known carcinogen, as well as organic  arsenic, less toxic but still of concern, in those samples. This information lead the FDA to undertake its own study sampling significantly more products, and to share the early findings.  While arsenic is found in foods throughout the food chain, in their natural state, or when processed into other products, it is not known where the threshold of safety ends and harm begins.

Though rice isn’t the only dietary source of arsenic—some vegetables, fruits, and even water can harbor it—the Environmental Protection Agency assumes there is actually no “safe” level of exposure to inorganic arsenic.

No federal limit exists for arsenic in most foods, but the standard for drinking water is 10 parts per billion (ppb). Keep in mind: That level is twice the 5 ppb that the EPA originally proposed and that New Jersey actually established. Using the 5-ppb standard in our study, we found that a single serving of some rices could give an average adult almost one and a half times the inorganic arsenic he or she would get from a whole day’s consumption of water, about 1 liter.

We also discovered that some infant rice cereals, which are often a baby’s first solid food, had levels of inorganic arsenic at least five times more than has been found in alternatives such as oatmeal. The EPA and Consumer Reports suggest limiting the consumption of rice products.

HOME REMEDIES: Intestinal Parasites.

herbal home remediesHOME REMEDIES:

Parasites: Both of these natural remedies can be used for pets as well.

Pumpkin Seed Remedy: Soak 3-4 Tbsp of pumpkin seeds in warm water for approximately 1 hour. Put in a blender with half of a small onion and 1/2 C soy milk. Blend until smooth and take 3 times a day for a week.

Black Walnut Hulls: Take a tincture or extract of black walnut hulls per manufacturer’s directions for approximately 1-2 weeks.