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Circkles Article Archive. To be used as a reference guide any time you need it.

We have archived all of our articles so our site users can refer to them like an encyclopedia of information any time they need or want. Read any of our past articles by going to the Back Issues tab in our Main Menu under Home. You can also use the Google Custom Search at the top of any of our editorial pages and search for an article by topic.


Circkle's Clubs:

Just follow the tabs for "Clubs" in our Main Menu above.

You can also Follow our Special Interest Clubs below by going to the "Follow Us" Page. We will notify you when the club you choose has new postings or events so you don't miss a thing! Or register on any club site. You can use them without registering or following them of course, but you won't be notified of new postings, specials, changes etc., and you cannot post comments and communicate with other club members without being a registered user of that club. Such as, for our recipe club, we alert members about once a month when a new recipe is posted or Holiday Recipes special page etc. Believe us, it's easy to forget about them if you don't see those monthly reminders and you will be missing a lot of good stuff!

Don't worry, as per our policy, we will not bombard your email like other social sites.

NEW Inner Peace Club: Our Inner peace/Motivity section of our magazine will now be published as one of our Hangout clubs.

spirituality and motivation

Follow spirituality and motivational growth for your soul designed for everyday life.


Circkles Monthly Recipes Club:

Our recipes are designed to help people transition away from processed foods while still fitting a busy lifestyle.

We will also do specialty recipe pages, like our Thanksgiving and Christmas recipe pages with at least a dozen new healthy minimally-processed recipes each season.


Sustainable Gardener's Club:

This is where we archive our little special columns that appear on our regular Garden Circkles page with topics we want our readers to be able to access any time they like: kind of like an online encyclopedia. Such as our columns on Beneficial Bugs, Natural Pest and Disease Control, Companion Planting and more.




Pet Owner's Health Club where we will discuss natural pet remedies, food recipes and pet nutrition, dog and cat breeds and their specific health concerns and more.





The Circkles News Blog:

Site changes, advice, health alerts, events and pretty much anything circkles.com related in the news. Sometimes we post something just for the heck of it. We will also post most of what we put on our Facebook page for those of you who are not FB groupies. Access the same info here quicker and with less hassle than going to Facebook.



Health Club:

This is where we will archive and store our regular editorial columns on Foods That Heal, Home Remedies, Organic Product Reviews etc. so you can access it quickly and easily to use as an online reference tool.




Herb Club:

Pretty self-explanatory. Here we will give you the medicinal, culinary and beneficial aspects of herbs from A-Z.






New On Circkles:

Business for the Greater Good: Or BGG. businesses for the greater good

The BGG is an association of businesses participating in the positive growth of social, economic, environmental, health and political change for the greater good.

Shop BGG business by your state.

Go to the Going Green or Shopping Tab and select Green Business, Go Local or BGG. Then on the BGG home page, select your state to find ethical and green businesses in your state to support. Most of them have websites so you can support them online. Also look for special discounts and offers only from BGG members.

Also support Nonprofit BGG members






recipesOur NEW Recipe Book is now being published online by Redstone,
"Non-processed Cooking and Eating." Over 300 recipes with a special section based on homesteading techniques. Make recipes with your own homemade ingredients not from a package or processed. Such as homemade graham crackers or marshmallows and many more


The Circkles Store
(or CStore).

Under the Shopping tab in our Main Menu, you will find all kinds of goodies to purchase as gifts or just because they are a cool alternative to wasteful products on the market today, or just to support our special projects.

If you are going to spend the money anyway, why not put it to good use right?

The tabs under Shopping are in categories that match our special projects the merchandise is related to. For example, to find apparel or travel mugs, or tote bags that benefit our Sponsor a Beehive Project, click that tab. The items we sell under the Recirckle tab go to our Recirckle Program. Get it?


Birds & Bats Sanctuary:

We started a new project for 2015 whereby we have set aside land to preserve specifically because it has features desireable to birds or bats. Such as land in the Southwest that still has thickets and wild berry trees that songbirds love to nest in and that not only provide shelter for their nests but food that is not sprayed with chemicals.

Purchase shopping bags or totes, Tshirts, coffee mugs Valentine gifts and more unique items from this shopping page and the proceed go toward our Birds & Bats Sanctuary to build bird and bat houses for them to nest in and set aside land free from pesticides.



Purchase unique and special gifts that give back to our environment, pet welfare, people welfare and the greater good.

Unique and healthy Valentine Day gifts, Christmas gifts with a purpose, birthday gifts for that person who has everything except a beehive (from our Sponsor a Beehive Project.) and more.





sponsor a beehive giftThe Sponsor a Beehive Project.

Sponsor a beehive and help establish bee colonies in areas not sprayed with pesticides and get useful information on raising your own bees.

Update on our Colonies: Well, our bees made it through that wicked cold snap we had last week. See our invention for keeping your bees warm during the worst of weather.







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