Scientific research has shown that if we don't use it we lose it: our brain function that is. As we age, our brain loses it's capacity to function just like any other muscle or organ in the body and if not exercised on a regular basis, the brain will not be as quick, sharp or focused as it could be. That playing certain types of strategy and puzzle games can stave off alzheimer's, dementia and keep your brain in tip top shape for years to come.

So, as part of our health format, here are a few "mind games" that will improve your health....and boredom.


Mahjong is a great puzzle game for exercising the brain. And if you like Mahjong, you'll like Sudoku, and of course, there's the old-time favorite, Solitaire. For a real challenge and mind blower, try the word mahjong where you have to not match tiles but form words. It's a blast!

The standard games come with several choices for levels and styles. If you find the sound annoying, you can shut it off. You can also blow up the page if you want the puzzles bigger. "Command and +" on a Mac or "Windows logo key and +" on a PC will enlarge the entire page.

a game by Sudoku

a Solitaire card game