Garden Circkles ,  January-February 2017

ABOUT GARDEN CIRCKLES: Gardening is great exercise, relaxing and very therapeutic, that's why we encourage people to get your hands in the dirt, walk barefoot in the grass and grow things.
We created Garden Circkles to help people do that in a healthy, sustainable way, and to stay in touch with gardening even if they live in the city and for those times they cannot garden year 'round. The best tasting food, and most nutritious, will always be food you grow yourself. Recent studies are revealing that processed, commercially - grown food is unhealthy for many reasons, not to mention, chemical contamination is high in commercially grown foods.

Garden Circkles contains informative articles on sustainable and organic gardening, homesteading, backyard orchards, greenhouse growing, city gardens, garden design etc. We also have a beneficial insects archive,  natural disease and pest control archive, and an online Herbs A-Z Encyclopedia you can use as reference sources to look up information any time you need to. 

Moving With Plants 

When you have to move in the winter, how to best protect your houseplants.

wrapping plants with bubble wrap

Moving With your plants

Sometimes, to a plant lover, it’s just as difficult to leave a favorite plant behind as it is a pet when you have to move, especially if it’s a rare plant, one you’ve put a great deal of time into, or one that would be difficult to replace because it’s not that easy to find.

Of course, moving your houseplants in the summer isn’t a big deal, but if you have to move in the winter and want to take your houseplants with you, here are a few tips to ensure their survival on a cold road trip.

Some plants will just not tolerate any cold temperatures below 45 degrees even for short distances. They will go into shock the minute you take them out of your nice warm home and into the frigid air. 

Plant wrapping materials

Plant protection techniques

How to best protect your houseplants for an overnight stay in a cold moving truck

Easy Garden Accents

That don't require any building skills

Crazy easy garden projects

These have got to be the easiest landscaping or gardening projects ever, but that doesn’t diminish how wonderful they look, and friends and family will be astonished at your creativity.

Another great thing about them, you don't have to be a carpenter to make any of them.

3 different super easy landscaping or garden ideas

Quick, inexpensive, creative

Do not require building skills at all.

Sustainable Gardener's Club

Follow sustainable and organic gardening tips, beneficial insects, disease control and more.

Garden club: beneficial insects

ichneumon wasp


These wasps have thread-like waists and very long antennae. They vary greatly in color from red and orange to many shades of brown and some have stripes and some not. There are over 3,300 known species in North America alone.

The larvae take up residence in ...

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Garden Club: Companion Planting

companion planting


Plants that assist each other to grow well, repel insects or benefit other plants when grown next to each other is called companion planting and can be a sustainable and eco-friendly way to improve and protect your garden against unwanted pests and disease.

Chromatography has been used to explain why some plants like or dislike being planted with other plants. It is possible to make a specific chromatographic test to find out why, or if at all, a plant is helping or hindering its neighbors. Chromatography has also been used to prove that plants do significantly better with compost than without.

One little known fact about daylilies is that they are edible.

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Garden Club: Garden DEsign Ideas

Grand chinampas


Chinampa is a method of ancient Mesoamerican agriculture which used small, rectangle-shaped areas of fertile land to grow crops on the shallow lake beds in the Valley of Mexico. The word chinampa comes from the Nahuatl word chināmitl, meaning “square made of canes”.

Sometimes referred to as “floating gardens,” chinampas were artificial islands that usually ...

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Circkles: Green tips

green salon products


Many conventional body products, like shampoos and massage oils, can contain a litany of ingredients that add to your chemical exposure and contain carcinogens. Nail polish and hair straightening products are very high in carcinogens.

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garden club: natural pest contol

slug damage on lettuce


One reason it's so difficult to get rid of slugs is because they are hermaphrodites, which means they contain both male and female organs. Not only that, but they may alternate sexes at different times during their adulthood. Self fertilization is also possible, so if just one slug gets into your greenhouse, you will have an infestation in a very short time.

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Herbs A-Z Encyclopidia

borage plant

Benefits of BORAGE

Also known as starflower, this flowering herb can grow the size of a small bush with some compost mixed into the soil and regular watering, and if it does, it will be covered with blossoms and honeybees. 

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Garden Circkles Archives

The fish pepper

The Story of the Fish Pepper

The story of the fish pepper is kind of interesting.

"All the ‘Fish’ peppers now sold by seed companies trace back to seed I shared many years ago through Seed Savers Exchange. From my grandfather’s little seed jar, this unique variegated-leaf pepper spread to the world of pepper aficionados and, because of its ornamental character, to landscape gardeners...

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Are These Peaches or Almonds?  Funny story about the almonds, and you will know what I mean when you see the photos of them. I bought an almond tree about 4 years ago to pollinate another almond tree I have. I watered it diligently for 3 years to get it going and then one year it took off: grew like crazy.

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