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Naturally Improve Your Vision.

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Unfortunately, our eyes are one of the most neglected body parts until they fail us, but there are some easy ways you may be able to prevent eye problems and loss of vision that you may not even be aware of.

Medications, including Over The Counter (OTCs) can cause eye problems.

There are a number of prescription and OTC drugs on the market that inadvertently cause eye problems such as an increase in intraocular eye pressure (IOP), dry eye and glaucoma. Such medications like those used to treat bladder control, or benign prostate hyperplasia are just a couple. One well-known and over-used OTC that is linked to an increase in IOP is nasal sprays. The steroids used in many nasal sprays to reduce inflammation in the nasal passages unfortunately also cause an increase in pressure of the eye resulting in steroid-induced glaucoma. Often this is such a slight elevation that it goes undetected for years. Often any benefits or relief from using such OTCs is not worth the long-term damage they could be causing.

Certain diuretics or anti-hypertension medications can cause the condition most popularly known as dry eye. If you think any medications could be the cause of your recent eye problems, consult an optometrist. They will usually ask you what medications you are on or have recently started and they can tell you better than your doctor whether or not they may be causing your eye problems. A few natural treatments that you can use to substitute for OTC or medications laced with a myriad of side effects are listed below.

Natural remedies for dry eyes:

- Drink lots of water.

- Decrease caffeinated beverages and foods such as coffee, chocolate and teas.

- Add daily supplements or foods high in omega-3 such as fish or flax oil which help the body produce more lubricating tears.

- Try to avoid nasal sprays. You can make a lubricating or allergy spray with home ingredients that will not only be better for your sinuses but your eyes as well since they use only food ingredients.

Homemade Nasal Sprays:

Most nasal sprays are mostly saline, or salt water, anyway. So start with a saline based nasal spray by filling a used nasal spray bottle 3/4 full with warm water and dissolve just a pinch of salt in it. More salt might actually sting when you spray it up your nose, but just a slight amount is anti-bacterial and moisturizing since the body is mostly made of salt-water itself. You can add about aloe gel to this spray in a ration of 50% aloe to water and then the pinch of salt for extra moisturizing.

If you have a cold or sinus infection and need a little something to help clear up mucus or blocked nasal passages, add fresh lemon juice to the recipe above of water and salt. Be forewarned: lemon juice does sting, although the salt will minimize the stinging., but there is nothing better for clearing up a cold or sinus infection quickly if you can take the pain. You only have to spray it up your nose a couple times for it to do the trick, so man-up and give it a try. If you are desperate or sick enough, you will find the sting is worth the results.

For allergies: Try internal remedies such as natural anti-histamines rather than sprays. Some good herbal anti-histamines are reishi mushroom which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and histamine blocker. Stinging nettles in supplement form do not sting and many people swear by it for pet allergies and some for hay fever.

Bilberry and Eyebright herbs.

These two herbs have been used for centuries to improve eyesight overall, or with a decline in aging. The are said to strengthen eyesight by providing more blood flow to the eyes, and as an eyewash, eyebright can be very soothing to dry, sore eyes.

foods to improve eye health and visionEye Vitamins:

Vitamin E is very essential for improving the common loss of eyesight with aging. Vitamin E's main role in the body appears to be neutralizing oxidation. For that reason, researchers think it plays an important role in protecting certain parts of the eye, which is particularly susceptible to oxidative damage. Cataracts, for example, are believed to be formed by oxidation in the lens of the eye caused mostly by UV rays in sunlight. The Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) found that vitamin E, along with other nutrients, helped some people who had moderate age-related macular degeneration. The nutrients reduced the risk of developing advanced age-related macular degeneration by 25% for those who already had evident early changes of macular degeneration. Evidence from other studies suggests that the alpha-tocopherol form of vitamin E, along with lutein and zeaxanthin, may decrease the risk of cataracts.

We also have heard that carrots are good for our eyes. This is because of their high beta carotene and mostly their high amount of Vitamin A - a proven eye vitamin that helps the retina and other parts of the eye to function smoothly.

Foods for Healthier Eyes:

Eggs: The yolk is a prime source of lutein and zeaxanthin—plus zinc, which also helps reduce your macular degeneration risk, according to Paul Dougherty, MD, medical director of Dougherty Laser Vision in Los Angeles.

Citrus fruit and berries are powerhouses of vitamin C, which has been shown to reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration and cataracts

Almonds: One handful (an ounce) provides about half of your daily dose of E.

Fish: Tuna, salmon, mackerel, anchovies and trout are rich in DHA, a fatty acid found in your retina—low levels of which have been linked to dry eye syndrome, says Jimmy Lee, MD, director of refractive surgery at Montefiore Medical Center, in New York City.

Leafy Greens: Are packed with lutein and zeaxanthin—antioxidants.

And of course, any dark red, orange or purple foods that are high in Vitamin A.



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Natural Body Care: How to Lighten Age Spots Naturally and Protect Your Face.

by Circkles.com

Anti-aging and skin care products designed to make skin look younger are very expensive and not always better than using a natural treatment. For instance, fresh lemon juice works to lighten dark age spots on the face often better than all those fancy alpha-hydroxy, retinal A and other anti-aging commercial products we pay extremely high prices for.

How to use common, inexpensive lemon juice to lighten and often remove age spots:

Fresh, organic lemons work the best. Cut a thin slice off the lemon, squeeze the juice into a shallow dish, dip a cotton swab into the juice and apply it to age spots with a gentle rubbing motion to work it into the skin. Do this twice a day, but be careful not to overdo it since lemon juice can be irritating and actually burn sensitive or irritated skin.

This remedy only works if you stay out of the sun while you are doing the treatment. Keep your skin covered at all times while exposed to the sun for up to 2 months. It usually takes 1-2 months to experience a noticeable lighting of the dark spots if you are being diligent about this treatment. Some people have reported seeing results immediately after only about a week of using this natural treatment. It depends on how severe the age spots are (how dark) as well as how regularly you apply the lemon juice and how diligent you are about keeping your face out of the sun while doing it.

Warning: SPF liquid foundations do not work to protect your face from long term sun exposure. Also, some of the most popular commercial cosmetics, such as Covergirl, Loreal, etc. have been known to actually cause aging, unhealthy skin and age spots due to their high levels of chemical estrogens, especially with makeups in plastic containers. These chemical estrogens get absorbed by the skin and cause aging much faster than if you went without makeup altogether. That said, wearing makeup foundation during the day can help to keep your face cleaner and a little more protected from environmental pollution and minimal sun exposure, but make sure you are using an all natural, mineral or organic makeup which will benefit your skin rather than pollute it further with toxins that cause aging and discolorations. A couple of our favorite all natural makeup foundations are made by Gabriel and Mineral Fusion, both found at Whole Foods and other health food stores. They contain natural antioxidants your face needs to fight age spots such as green tea and other herbs, and they use only natural pigments and moisturizing ingredients that benefit your skin rather than harm it.

You should try to keep your face out of the sun as much as possible for the rest of your life or the age spots will just come back. A couple useful tools for protecting your face include wearing a wide-brimmed hat with a veil attached to it while you are doing yard or garden work or if you are outside for longer than 30 minutes. Keep in mind that even ambient sunlight (or outdoor shade) still has enough UV rays to cause damage if you sit in the shade for long periods of time, say over an hour.

You can also make your own face wrap something like a Jilbab or shemagh. There are many different styles of shemagh and different methods of tying them which you can find online. They are the best possible protection for your face while allowing you to see better than with a veil over your face attached to a hat. I wear one just around the house when gardening or doing yard work when I will be outdoors for long periods of time.



mangosteensFoods That Heal: Mangosteen.

by Circkles.com.

The mangosteen plant is an evergreen tree reaching about 20- 60 ft in height. It commonly found in tropical rainforests of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines as well as in some cultivated orchards in Sri Lanka, and India, where annual precipitation and relative humidity are favorable for its growth. Unique for its appearance and flavor, mangosteen is often revered as "the queen" of tropical fruits, particularly in the South-East Asian regions. This exotic, round, purple color fruit is quite popular for its snow-white, juicy, delicious arils all over Asian countries.

Therapeutic Properties: When mangosteen hit the market, so did the word xanthones which not many people had heard of before. Xanthones are a compound found in mangosteen which have been studied for their potent anti-inflammatory properties and possible ability to treat tuberculosis and arthritis. The dried rind has been used for dysentery, diarrhea and gonorrhea, eczema and other skin problems.

Low in calories (63 calories per 100 g) and contains no saturated fats or cholesterol. Nonetheless, it is rich in dietary fiber (100 g provides about 13% of RDA).

Acid or Alkaline: Alkaline

Significant Nutrients: Anti-oxidants, vitamin C, trace minerals, potassium and moderate amounts of B vitamins.

How to Use: The rind can be quite thick. It is usually sliced with a knife and then peeled off to get to the delicious flesh raw. Mix it with other tropical fruits such as mango, papaya or pineapples. In North America, fresh mangosteens can be found in Canada and Hawaii but they cannot legally be imported into continental United States due to concerns that they transport insects into the country, which is why you will only find them here in the form of a juice, supplement or dried.



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