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Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar Without Drugs.


If you are borderline diabetic, diabetes runs in your family, or you have already been diagnosed as having Type II diabetes, watching your blood sugar levels is a necessary, life-long and life-saving chore. Not to mention, sticking yourself with a needle every day is not a fun thing to have to do for the rest of your life. That alone causes many borderline diabetics and mild diabetic to look for alternative ways to control the disease without using daily insulin injections and drugs. Below are a few tips to help keep blood sugar in check naturally through diet.

1. Non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli, cucumber, carrots and spinach can help lower blood sugar levels considerably while providing essential nutrients to your body. Spinach is high in magnesium which largely helps to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. In one study, higher intakes of magnesium reduced diabetes by about ten percent. The next time you go out shopping, put greens at the top of your shopping list.
Consumption of nuts such as almond, walnuts and pistachios works well in lowering blood sugar. Nuts are a great source of monounsaturated fat which will not lead to the rising of your blood sugar like other foods do. Some researchers suspect that the fat in nuts makes cells more sensitive to insulin, which helps to keep blood sugar levels in check.

2. Whole grains like oat bran, rye and barley are rich in fiber and contain beta-glucan. This helps to increase the amount of time it takes for your stomach to empty after eating, and thus help to prevent a rise in blood sugar. In addition, you can try out buckwheat and beans which are also excellent sources of fiber.

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3. Spices such as cinnamon do more than just adding flavor to your food. Cinnamon is linked to significant drop in fasting blood sugar levels. In addition, it has been discovered that cinnamon may also stimulate insulin secretion from the pancreas.
In one of the studies, researchers in Pakistan where cinnamon is widely used asked volunteers with type 2 diabetes to take either one gram, three grams or six grams of cinnamon or placebo for forty days. Those who took cinnamon saw their blood sugar levels drop significantly between eighteen and twenty nine percent depending on the quantity of cinnamon each one of them took. Go ahead, sprinkle cinnamon over your coffee, yogurt, cereal and tea then wait for the magic.
Buy bread with a minimum of three grams of fiber and three grams of protein per serving. This type of bread slows down absorption of glucose and decreases the possibility of insulin to rise. The fiber and protein present in the bread will also keep your stomach filled for long therefore preventing a rise in the blood sugar level

4. Love blueberries because they are not only lower in naturally occurring sugars than many other fruits, the bioactive compounds in blueberries also increase insulin sensitivity which may help high-risk individuals prevent the onset of diabetes.

5. Avoid using saturated fats in your meals. American scientists evaluated three thousand people and found out that those with high levels of saturated fats in their blood were two times more likely to develop diabetes.

6. Walk about two kilometers a day. A study by the United states researchers established that walking reduced the risk of dying from diabetes by more than one third. This is because walking makes your cells more receptive to insulin which leads to better control and management of blood sugar. Exercise is also a great way to break down your glucose immediately.

7. Don’t skip meals because your blood sugar drops significantly when your stomach is empty. Fasting makes your system to flood with glucose overloading the pancreas with insulin production which is dangerous for your health.

8. Try to get a constant eight-hour sleep because sleep deprivation increases your blood sugar levels. Additionally, make stress reduction and relaxation your daily priority as stress can increase blood sugar and blood pressure. Activities such as yoga, meditation, controlled breathing, or any interests that soothes you can be helpful.

Many people who are borderline diabetic have staved off diabetes for years and prevented getting it just by regulating their diet. Still other mild diabetics have reversed their condition using diet instead of medications and insulin.



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How to Know if You Are Getting Quality Essential Oils.


Using essential oils for aromatherapy and topical remedies is gaining popularity these days. However, it is extremely important to be careful about how you use essential oils because they are a very potent, concentrated version of an herb or plant. Just a drop or two can have a strong effect on the nervous system, blood pressure, skin irritations and allergic reactions, therefore it's imperative that you test just a drop or two on your skin first to see if you have a reaction to it. Most essential oils must be diluted with a carrier oil before use because using them undiluted can cause severe reactions or skin irritations due to their high potency. The high potency of essential oils is the very reason so many herbalists are using them more: because the quality of alternative herbal products such as herb capsules and tinctures/extracts is so poor these days due to manufacturers diluting them with fillers and cheaper ingredients.

Although essential oils are the most potent form of an herb or plant, the quality of essential oils can vary widely. As a consumer (and even as an aroma therapist), it is difficult to assess quality. Essential oils come from all over the world, and suppliers or companies usually obtain oils from farmers or wholesalers whose practices and integrity they have come to trust over time. The end consumer would not be aware of (or have the capability to assess) those relationships and practices. For this reason, this is one type of product where it is very important to use quality brand names with integrity.

Are essential oils regulated?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has responsibility for regulating foods, food additives, drugs, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. The legal difference between these categories is determined by the product's intended use. 

The FDA considers essential oils either cosmetics or drugs, depending on their intended use. The FDA makes decisions concerning the regulation of essential oils on a case-by-case basis. For example, if a company claimed that the aroma of an essential oil promoted attractiveness, the FDA would most likely regulate the product as a cosmetic. If a company claimed that an essential oil was effective as an aid for quitting smoking or in treating or preventing any other condition or disease, the FDA is more likely to regulate the product as a drug.

There are a number of ways in which the quality of essential oils can be compromised-from the growing conditions of the plants to their harvesting, distillation, manufacture, distribution, and storage.

lavender essential oilHow do I find quality essential oils?

Because standards for quality control of essential oils do not currently exist in the United States, it is important to find reputable sources that sell good quality essential oils if you are planning to use them for health-related purposes. Whether you buy essential oils in a store, from an individual, or from the internet, be sure to read any information provided on the label or website, or ask questions about quality.

Things to look for.



whole mangoesFoods That Heal: Mangoes.


A common nickname for mangoes is ‘the king of fruits’. Beyond the sweet, luscious taste of mangoes, they also contain an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. For decades, mangoes have been used to soothe stomachs because they are similar to papayas and contain certain enzymes with stomach comforting properties. They are also high in fiber which eliminates constipation and stomach problems related to piles and a spastic colon, otherwise known as irritable bowel syndrome or IBS.

Therapeutic Properties: High in beta-carotene. Not related to Mangosteen which is a completely different plant.

Acid or Alkaline: Alkaline

Significant Nutrients:  Vitamin A and Potassium, fiber.

Phytoestrogen: No.

How to Grow: Grown in tropical locations as a tree.

Parts Used: The fruit.

How to Use: Great to eat raw when peeled. Add to smoothies, yogurt, juice i, and it even tastes good added to some meat dishes for a Caribbean flare. There is a flat, large pit in the middle of the fruit. The best way to use mangoes is to peel them then cut the sweet flesh off of the flat pit in chunks.


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