Warning About A New Sweetener That Will Hit Store Shelves Soon.

by Redstone Promotional Communications / Circkles.com

It's secretly called Sweetmyx, but it won't likely be labeled as such on food ingredient labels, but instead will be buried in the general labeling term of "Artificial Sweetener, Flavors" or it may be labeled as "Sweet Blend." Other than the concern that we will have yet another ingredient not being disclosed to the public on labels is the fact that very little is being disclosed as to exactly what Sweetmyx is made of. All we know so far is that it is definitely a chemical derived sweetener and is not natural in the least, and it is being created by the food industry to enhance your craving for sweet and get you even more addicted to sweet, fattening, unhealthy foods so you will buy more.

Bruce Bradley has worked in the food industry for years and has come forward regarding his concerns about this new sweetener, which will be in popular products very soon. Pepsi has announced they will be using it in their products, and other manufacturers will quickly follow suit by adding this new synthetic craving-hooker to products such as juices, sports drinks, sodas, candy and baked goods. Oh, they will try to promote it and boast about the fact that this new sweetener does not increase weight gain, so it will be promoted as a new "diet" sweetener. The problem is, it has not been tested and in fact, very minimal research has been conducted at all. The FDA, who we are all lead to believe approves this stuff before it hits the shelves, admitted publicly that they are not involved with Sweetmyx manufacturing, testing or approval in any way. In fact...by their own admittance regarding current laws, the FDA has nothing to do with testing new products before consumers are exposed to them. So in fact, the general public is, and has been for years, being used as guinea pigs for food manufacturers without our knowledge.

Health Concerns: Besides the fact that food manufacturer scientists are playing God with our taste buds and not even telling us, the issue of creating food ingredients for the sole purpose of causing addictions so the consumer will buy more of their products should be considered fraud, coercion and unlawful; yet it is allowed to continue in our food industry every day because consumers are deliberately being kept in the dark about it. The food industry members all know each other, and work with each other in their own favor. Allowing (by law) food manufacturers to do their own "testing" and studies as determination of whether a product is considered "safe" for the public is very self-serving and beneficial to nobody but the food manufacturers. This is all just absurdly unethical, unfair, biased and unhealthy for the public.

The only recourse the public has against fraudulent food industry practices is to educate yourself on what manufacturers are REALLY doing, but most importantly, no longer support anything that is not on the up and up. In other words, if it ain't organic or naturally derived, DON'T EAT IT! and DON'T SUPPORT IT!



First They're Bad for Us, Now They're Good For Us? What to Believe About Saturated Fats.

by Redstone Promotional Communications / Circkles.com

We've been told for years that saturated fats are bad for us and we should avoid them completely. The FDA even issued an announcement just a couple months ago that they were going to start requiring all food manufacturers to omit saturated fats in their products. At the time, we at Circkes were seriously wondering just how the FDA figured they were going to accomplish that with foods such as potato chips and other junk foods that are made with high amounts of saturated fats. Does the FDA really think big manufacturers like Frito-Lay are going to spend extra money looking for alternatives to saturated fats in exchange for their profits? Not likely.

Then Dr. Oz comes out with a segment in his show last week featuring a "new study" that suggests some saturated fats are actually good for us because according to new research, saturated fats may not play as large a role in developing heart disease as originally suspected. Researchers think that people may be simply replacing saturated fats with refined sugar and processed carbs, which can contribute to a dense buildup of cholesterol more directly than saturated fat does itself. In fact, scientists now think that saturated fat in moderation may actually help to create HDL (good cholesterol) in your blood.

Even Dr. Peter Attia, who was the featured guest speaker on this new study for the Oz Show warns that people should not run out and start eating cheeseburgers and highly fatty foods. Nutritionists, such as our on-staff Certified Nutritionist, have always suggested that saturated fats found in a natural state, such as the fats in avocados and non-processed sources of animal and vegetable saturated fat in an unadulterated form, are not bad for the body in reasonable quantities because our body can assimilate small quantities of it. The problem with saturated fats arises when people over-indulge in them, or they are processed, cooked and altered from their natural state. Fried foods are still considered a bad form of saturated fats because of the high heat that is applied to the fats during frying which alters them from their natural state.

What should you do? As always, listen to the hype from food advertising with a skeptical ear. Don't believe what their studies say, but look for independent studies and use common sense. We have experienced negative side effects from eating foods high in saturated fats, such as sluggishness, poor digestion and yes, weight gain. Meats and cheeses cause many people to gain weight quickly and easily and they are not loaded with sugars as this supposed "new study" suggests is the real culprit to obesity in this country. Yes, refined white sugars also contribute to obesity, but so do fats, and that is a nutritional fact that has been known for years. Think about it for yourself, but doesn't it seem a bit odd that just after the FDA announces they are going to require food manufacturers to omit saturated fats in all products, this new study comes out suddenly telling us saturated fats are good and not the ultimate cause of obesity? Who can you believe? The food revolution is stirring up all kinds of controversy and doubt about the safety and genuineness of our food. We suggest....stick with Mother Nature and you can't go wrong. Only eat what you know is as pure as it can be, such as organic foods and non-processed foods. That's the only way to know what's in your food these days: go with foods that have nothing added to them and are not altered through processing in any way! And stop supporting all these brands and food manufacturers that are lying to us and deceiving us daily.



Here Come Those Springtime Allergies.

Temperatures are rising, everything is greening up, flowers are blooming, and you're thinking, "Here we go again. I wish I could enjoy spring, but I hate it because I'm allergic to it."
An allergic reaction is the body's response to something it considers a foreign substance. Sometimes, however, your immune system overreacts or becomes hyper-stimulated over time to a substance it deems foreign. The immune system responds to an allergen by releasing histamine, whose side effects include itching, swelling, hives, rashes, body aches, loss of energy, runny nose and other typical allergy symptoms.

There are some natural ways to help your body prepare for the upcoming allergy months, some of them you can start using now to boost your immune system and lower your allergic responses before pollen season is in full swing.

Natural remedies for allergy symptoms:

Stinging Nettle: Works for pet allergies as well. It is a good anti-histamine specific to pollen and pet allergies that you should take the minute you feel an allergy attack coming on. Fresh nettle is most effective, so be sure to buy a supplement brand you can trust to be fresh and effective, such as Eclectic Institute, who uses a freeze-dried manufacturing process to insure their herbs are the freshest possible. They can be ordered online, and yes, they may be a little more expensive, but worth it because you won't be wasting your money on a supplement that is mostly fillers or does not work because the herb was not prepared for maximum potency.

Reishi Mushroom: Also an excellent antihistamine for any type of allergic reaction. Again, fresh reishi works best, and extracts work better than dried herb pills.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E: Natural antihistamines, so be sure to eat more foods containing these vitamins daily during pollen season to lessen the severity of your allergic reactions. A few foods high in vitamin C are red peppers, rosehip tea, orange juice, kiwi, strawberries, tomatoes and parsley. Vitamin E rich foods include nuts, seeds, vegetable oils such as the grape seed oil mentioned below and leafy greens.

Quercetin: Is a supplement usually taken for its powerful antioxidant bioflavonoid found in red wine, apples and tea which research has shown can prevent cancer. Recent studies have also revealed it is a good antihistamine and may work for headaches. If you experience sinus headaches, this would be a good supplement to try. You can buy it in capsule form at most health food stores, but be sure to get a good, high potency brand.

Anti-inflammatories: Will help with the inflammation, aches and loss of energy being caused throughout your entire body by allergies.

Grapeseed Oil: Take a Tbsp a day. It's a potent anti-inflammatory and estrogen-blocker. Why is it important to block estrogen for allergies? Because hormone imbalances often cause allergies, and excess estrogen is the leading culprit in a world where we are surrounding daily by chemical estrogens. Grapeseed oil is high in resveratrol, a polyphenol which is a powerful antioxidant and so is just good for you to incorporate into your daily diet anyway. Try dipping bread in it seasoned with salt and pepper or herbs in place of fatty butter or margarine.

Oregano Oil, Turmeric and pineapple are also good anti-inflammatories, with oregano oil also having antihistamine properties.

Boosting your immune system to help it get better over time.

Over years and years of experiencing the same allergic response, your allergies tend to get worse as you age and with continued exposure to allergens over years and years. The best way to help your body to stop being so hypersensitive to an allergen is to stop your exposure to it completely. However, hay fever and pollen allergy sufferers know avoiding pollen entirely is impossible unless you live in a plastic bubble. The next best thing to do is try to lesson your body's reactivity to pollen, and this involves trying to fix your immune system's response. This can take years, but if it works for you, is well worth it.

Along with all the remedies listed so far to treat an allergy attack's immediate symptoms, diet is the best place to start rehabilitating your immune system to lessen it's hyper-reactivity. Eating a cleaner, healthier diet will help dramatically cut down the amount of inflammation in your body already, so when allergy season rolls around, at least you are not adding insult to injury; or more inflammation to a body already dealing with too much of it. Fresh vegetables and fruits lower the inflammation factor in your bod by keeping it more alkaline and less acidic. Avoid dairy products, cut your meat consumption in half, avoid high amounts of refined sugars such as in soda and sweets, and avoid processed foods as much as possible as all of these cause inflammation in the body that leads to an immune system that's in hyper drive constantly. As mentioned above, definitely avoid chemical estrogens because hormone imbalances also cause a hyper-reactive immune system. This means avoid all canned foods and food in plastic bags, plastic containers or plastic wrapping as much as possible. To do this, buy foods in glass whenever available and go back to making your own foods as much as possible, such as your own meals from scratch instead of frozen, boxed or packaged heavily-processed meal. Breads products such as store-packaged breads, rolls, crackers, and all baked goods are very absorbent; which means they absorb a great amount of the off-gasing from the plastic wrappings and packages they are always in. If you can find 15 minutes during your week to make your own breads and baked goods, your body will be very thankful for it and return the kindness.

Allergic Asthma:

Pollen can often trigger asthma along with all those other wonderful allergy symptoms. A few of the best remedies for opening those lung passages again are taking the herb gingko biloba or ephedra, but only take both in moderation as some studies have revealed detrimental side effects from overuse of both herbs. Ephedra may not be very easy to find, as the FDA banned it a few years ago because there were a couple reports of people using it for losing weight that ended in tragedy for those cases who over-used the herb. In all cases, it was found the individual had liver disease or liver problems that made taking ephedra fatal for them. Always take an herb in a half-dose first to see if your body is going to react to it or not.
A few studies have linked ginkgo to blood pressure problems in some people. It can cause low blood pressure in some individuals and is not recommended for people with diabetes or any other illness that restricts circulation as a few cases have been reported of ginkgo causing high blood pressure in diabetes patients.

A few safer natural remedies for asthma include caffeine, which is a vasodilator but should only be used as a temporary relief for a severe asthma attack. You do not want to take caffeine on a regular basis as it causes a great deal of inflammation in the body. Turmeric and reishi mushroom work well for asthma and are much more beneficial for long-term use. Again, grape seed oil makes an excellent source of trans-fatty acids and reduces inflammation throughout the body.

Pamper Your Sinuses.

Flush irritated nasal passages with salt water before bed each night to moisturize them, heal them and reduce any congestion or irritation drainage. If you live in a dry climate, use a humidifier in your bedroom at night to ease dry, irritated sinuses so you can sleep better. Make a natural nasal spray that you can take with you to work and will not only moisturize your sinuses during the day, but will heal them and be anti-inflammatory. Mixing 50% aloe vera gel with 50% water and a dash of salt in an old nasal spray bottle. Use it 3-4 times a day or whenever your sinuses or nasal area feel hot or miserable. Since recent reports of two people who died from using a neti pot to flush out their sinuses because they contracted a deadly virus from it, it is now recommended that you keep your neti pot or any spray bottles very clean and only use distilled or filtered water with them to prevent the bacteria that may cause encephalitis. Using aloe, salt or lemon juice in the water you spray up your nose also helps to kill bacteria, but make fresh spray every week and keep it refrigerated. If using a humidifier, the same holds true; always keep it clean to avoid breathing harmful bacteria.

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Natural Sunburn Relief.

Green Tea: Make a double dose, or very strong tea. Let it cool and keep it refrigerated. Periodically soak a cloth in the tea and let it sit on the sunburned area for 2-3 minutes. Do not rinse off the tea but let it dry on the skin. Reapply as needed every few hours. Tannins in tea are soothing and high in antioxidants.

Aloe Vera Gel: Make sure to use the gel and not the juice because the juice will sting. Cold, refrigerated aloe gel is very immediately soothing to a burn of any kind and aloe will heal and moisturize the skin as well. There is a species of aloe from the caribbean that works far better than the ones you usually find in the stores. It is a very large aloe with a smelly, yellow gel that is excellent on sunburns. We found this larger aloe at Kmart a few years ago.



How to use herbs for maximum benefit. Short and sweet descriptions and uses written by our on-staff Nutritional Herbalist. Always remember that herbs should be treated as a medicine. Almost all of our modern-day medicines are derived from compounds found in herbs and plants. If you have not used a particular herb before, try a half dose at first to make sure you do not have an unfavorable reaction to it.

Eyebright Euphrasia officinalis. 

Medicinal Properties: As an eyewash, eyebright can clear up conjunctivitis and blepharitits along with other eye inflammations and infections. It is very soothing to the eye and some people claim it has improved their site. I have used it as an eyewash both on myself for eye irritations and my horses for eye infections. Horses tolerate it surprisingly well and it can clear up an eye infection in just a couple applications. Reduces inflammation and mucus.

How to Use: Make a tea of 1 tsp herb to 1/2 C water. Let cool and strain extremely well with a dense cotton cloth before using. Put in an eye cup or use your hand to cup a small amount and splash into the eye. Keep refrigerated up to 5 days, after that it spoils. Do not apply more than 3 times a day for 1-2 days.

Parts Used: Whole plant

Some Herb Basics: Most herbs work better on an empty stomach. A few exceptions are garlic, goldenseal and cayenne due to stomach upset. Herbs work in a cumulative fashion meaning they are not a "one dose wonder." They need to build up in the system a little, usually within 2-3 doses, before any real affect can be noticed. Fresh herbs always work better than old herbs and science is always proving the fact that a whole herb usually is more effective than one isolated compound of that herb.



Do you know what foods will give you more energy, calm your nerves, act as an anti-inflammatory, help prevent cancers, or help you lose weight? Hopefully this column will help you to have a better understanding of food and its healing properties. The best diet for optimal health is a wide variation of foods, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and minimally cooked whole foods. Sweets, fatty foods, meat, dairy and cars in moderation.


Therapeutic Properties: Cucumbers are good for the digestion (they make you burp.) Also known as being good for the skin and so it is incorporated in many skin creams etc.

Acid or Alkaline: Alkaline and cooling.

Significant Nutrients: The only nutrient of any sizable amount in cucumbers is potassium.

Phytoestrogen? No.

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Use the nutrtion calculator below to look up the vitamins, calories, sugar content and overall nutritient content of any food.


Still looking for ways to get more veggies in your diet? This salad uses vegetable that are not usually popular to eat raw, but this special Thai dressing with a bit of a kick livens them up a lot and makes them interesting! Not to mention, this salad is very high in beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin A.

 Fuschia Salad:

chartreuse salad recipe

1 small red cabbage
1 red pepper
8-10 large fresh green beans
1 small onion
3 Tbsp chopped fresh cilantro
ground fresh ginger
sprinkle cayenne pepper
sprinkle salt
optional: 1 carrot
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
juice from one fresh-squeezed lemon (about 1/4 cup)
3 Tbsp honey.

 Slice the red cabbage thinly. Put in a large bowl. Add chopped cilantro, green beans, carrot if desired and thinly sliced onion.

Mix vinegar, lemon juice and honey - can heat in the microwave to make honey mix better if necessary. Toss well with vegetables.

Grate some fresh ginger root on vegetables, sprinkle with cayenne pepper and salt to taste. Let sit in frig for a minimum of 30 minutes to get flavors to mingle.


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