GMO beef

GMO Meat and GMO-Fed Meat.

How many people think when they buy meat at Whole Foods or other health food stores that they are purchasing something better than in the conventional grocery stores? Quite a few, but although the meat at health food stores is usually a little better because it's hormone-free, antibiotic-free, free range and preservative-free, it is still fed the same thing as every other type of meat unless it is specifically labeled as organic meat. And organic meat can be very expensive.

Beef is all fed GMO corn and grain unless it is grass fed or organic, and organic beef is the most expensive meat around, which is why most health food stores don't even carry it. You can find organic ground beef at King Soopers and a few other conventional grocery stores for about $8 per pound. Ouch.

Pork has gotten better as far as what meat suppliers are feeding pigs these days. They used to feed pigs just about anything, including meat waste products and pigs are not meat eaters. Since word of this unsavory practice became public however, pork breeders have cleaned up their act a bit. However, pork is still fed GMO grains and vegetables as well unless it is labeled organic, and I have yet to see any organic pork in the major health food stores.

Chicken is about the only meat that truly comes organic if it is labeled so. It is much easier for farmers and meat suppliers to feed chickens organically without going broke, so organic chicken is easier to find than any other kind of organic meat. You can find organic eggs at most health food stores now as well.

GMO beefSo what are the dangers of eating GMO meat and GMO fed meat?

It may not be the process of making something genetically modified that is harmful as much as the reason why the agricultural business is using GMOs. GM crops were invented so farmers could spray them even more than in the past with chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. This has led to the practice of heavily spraying crops like never before. It is this heavy chemical contamination of every crop we grow that is putting us all at an even higher risk for cancer and hormone disorders and diseases proven to be related to chemical pesticides like Roundup. And even if the dangers of genetically modifying organisms is not clear yet, heavy chemical toxicity is.

Not to mention that all this chemical over-exposure is going to lead to our limited available farmlands becoming so saturated with chemicals that in just a few short years, we will not be able to grow anything on them. Europe has already experienced this dilemma which is why they are now so much more concerned with supporting organic agriculture than we are in the U.S.: they have had to learn the hard way, and so many European governments offer incentives to farmers and researches to grow, study and develop organics more.

The safety of GMO technology remains to be seen as the long term effects have not been discovered yet. While the FDA, USDA and other regulatory agencies claim GMOs are safe for human consumption, what they have not measured or taken into consideration is the long term effects of consuming GMOs and the cumulative effects. Practically every food - vegetable and now meat - is now genetically engineered, so while the FDA has approved the amount of a singe exposure to GMOs to be safe, as usual, they have chosen to blatantly ignore the long term effects of multiple exposures to GMOs. When you consider that all the food you now eat, every day, 3 times a day, is all GMOs, that's a lot of exposure to GMOs on a daily basis over years and years that has not been studied or even considered. Compounding this inadequacy is the well-known practice of the U.S government and agencies basing their assumptions and approvals on tests and research done by the very manufacturers and companies that benefit financially from the sales of GM products while ignoring unbiased studies that have been done in Europe and the U.S. that have shown GMOs to be unsafe and catastophic.

GMO Meat Should be Considered Animal Cruelty.

I can't even stand to look at the photos above let alone eat something that looks like that. These bulls truly look deformed and grotesque. If the public knew this is what they are eating, do you think they would? Most of us would not, and not just for aesthetic reasons and possible health risks, but for inhumane reasons as well. What's being done to these animals should be considered animall cruelty. And forcing us to eat it without adequate research, inhumane to humans. Which is no doubt why the Netherlands are currently in the process of sueing Monsanto for crimes against humanity. Which of course, will accomplish nothing because Monsanto and corporations like them are protected by our government.

GMO salmon have been shown to turn cannibalistic and eat each other. If they ever accidentally escaped fish farms and ended up out in the wild, they would surely destroy any wild fish in any pond, lake or stream they encounter.

GMO bullAlternatives to GMO Meats and GMO fed Meats.

We are playing with fire when we attempt to play God or Mother Nature, and it will come back to bite us in the butt. Anything this unnatural can only have negative consequences. Frankenfood? Oh, you bet. So now that you know, do you really want to eat it? Look for alternatives, such as eating grass-fed beef instead of corn fed which is fed GMO corn and grain heavily sprayed with pesticides. Eat organic chicken instead of beef. Your body does not care what type of protein it's getting as long as it is a complete protein. It's our taste buds that we try to satisfy by eating a variety of meats, but if all you ever ate was chicken, your body would be fine with it.

Eat organic eggs, organic chicken, organic Tofu and some vegetable sources thagt are also complete proteins such as beans and rice when eaten together. Educate yourself on complete protein alternatives to GMOs, and you will be healthier for it. Scientific evidence has linked GMOs to stomach problems and disorders like constantly being bloated, gastritis and problems digesting, tumors, endocrine system disorders, hormone disorders, and those are just the short term effects. Stomach and live cancer is no doubt going to be on the rise in years to come if we keep eating these chemical-laden foods approved by agencies that are suppose to have our best interests in mind but only have their best interests in mind.


school cafeteria

Handling Your Child's Food Allergies at School.


With food allergies in children reaching new high levels, schools find themselves having to address an issue they never have before, and many of them are not doing it well. Some schools have approached the issue of students with food allergies in a fashion that is more a form of segregation or prejudice than their intention of helping allergic students. They have gone so far as to separate allergic students from the rest of the student body during lunch and alienating them from school activities involving food. Some schools are treating allergies more like a contagious epidemic than a manageable condition and it is having a devastating impact on affected children because schools are treating them like lepers not human beings. It's difficult enough for a child with allergies to fit in at school, but with the recent treatment of allergic students by their own schools, it leads to even more ostracizing, bullying, teasing and bashing of self esteem by their fellow students.

Schools argue that they are treating allergic children this way for the student's own protection, but it's obvious the school administration is doing it for their protection from possible lawsuits. At the present time, there may not be a more amiable answer to the extremely high number of children developing food allergies, except that the parents should realize that food allergies are not normal and should address the reason behind their child's allergies rather than expecting the schools to do something about it. That is not to say that we condone the new treatment of alienating allergic students, there must be a better way, but one can see the school's point as well regarding lawsuits and protecting students with allergies from possible harm while in their care.

Parents of allergic students should really be the ones taking the responsibility for their child in school and to address the issue of their child's possible exposure to allergic foods while in public. After all, the potential risk will not be just at school, but any time the chid leaves the house. Parents need to educate their child on what to watch out for when eating food that is not prepared at home, and how to make adequate adjustments. In this way, the allergic condition is not treated like a contagious disease but as it should be; a simple adjustment in the way a child eats.

avoiding child food allergensLiving With Food Allergies as a Child.

Kids hate to be different from the rest of their peers because it leads to being teased, bullied and being left out. So what can a parent do to minimize these social side effects on top of the ones from allergens?

Bag lunches are a very good way to make sure your child only eats what they should, avoids the risk of them getting an allergen in school foods and allows them to keep their condition more of a secret from their peers.

Adequate food substitutions may be necessary for times such as "milk break" or the afternoon snack break some grade-schools may still do for students. For instance, if your child is allergic to milk, than having milk during their snack break is out of the question, but you can make arrangements with the kitchen staff or teacher to have your child bring juice or another substitute that is acceptable to all and keep it in the cafeteria for your child to have available for snack time. Kids will probably still ask your child why they are not drinking what everybody else is, and then the cat will be out of the bag regarding their allergies, but at least your child won't feel left out or ostracized during this class activity.


mustard greens

Foods That Heal: Mustard Greens


Therapeutic Properties: Mostly nutritional but does have some antibiotic qualities. Mustard is a stimulant for the digestion and one of the healthiest leafy greens available.

Mustard greens, like spinach, are the storehouse of many phyto-nutrients that have health promotional and disease prevention properties. Leaf-mustard is very low in calories (27 calories per 100 g raw leaves) and fats. However, its dark-green leaves carry ample amounts of phyto-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Additionally, it contains very good amount of dietary fiber that helps control cholesterol level by interfering with its absorption in the gut. Adequate fiber in the food aids in smooth bowel movements and thereby offers protection from hemorrhoids, constipation as well as colon cancer diseases.

The greens are very good sources of vitamin K. 100 g of fresh leaves carry about 257.5 µg or about 215% of daily requirement of vitamin K-1 (phylloquinone). Vitamin K has found to have a potential role in bone mass building function by promoting osteotrophic activity in the bone. It also has established role to play in Alzheimer's disease patients by limiting neuronal damage in their brain. Mustard greens are rich source of anti-oxidant like flavonoids, indoles, sulforaphane, carotenes, lutein and zea-xanthin. Indoles, mainly di-indolyl-methane (DIM) and sulforaphane have proven benefits against prostate, breast, colon and ovarian cancers by virtue of their cancer-cell growth inhibition, cytotoxic effects on cancer cells.

Fresh leaves are also a moderate source of B-complex group of vitamins such as folic acid, pyridoxine, thiamin, riboflavin etc. 100 g fresh leaves provide about 12 µg (about 3% of RDA) of folic acid. This water-soluble vitamin has an important role in DNA synthesis, and cell division. When supplemented in women during their peri-conception time, this vitamin may help prevent neural tube defects in their newborn babies. Fresh mustard leaves are an excellent sources of vitamin-C. 100 of fresh leaves provide 70 µg or about 117% of RDA. Vitamin-C (ascorbic acid) is a powerful natural anti-oxidant that offers protection against free radical injury and flu-like viral infections. Mustard leaves are also incredible sources of vitamin-A (provide 3024 IU or 101% of RDA per 100 g). Vitamin A is an essential nutrient required for maintaining healthy mucusa and skin and is required for good eye-sight. Consumption of natural fruits rich in flavonoids helps to protect from lung and oral cavity cancers.

Fresh mustard greens are an excellent source of several essential minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, and manganese. Regular consumption of mustard greens in the diet is known to prevent arthritis, osteoporosis, iron deficiency anemia and believed to offer protection from cardiovascular diseases, asthma and colon and prostate cancers.

Acid or Alkaline: Alkaline

Significant Nutrients: Vitamin A, C, B and K and calcium

How to Use: Fresh leaves in salads, smoothies or steamed.

How to Grow: Mustard will grow just about anywhere, is drought tolerant and can withstand poor soils.


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