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Circkles.com is a monthly Emagazine and online community for those interested in supporting, learning  and preserving our quality of life.  Circkles.com is based on the principle that everything in the universe is connected; the Earth itself is one big circle in which everything touches everything else. Everything we do on a daily basis affects everything around us and that is why it's crucial as consumers to stop acting as if what we do doesn't affect us all.

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Chinampas - Floating Gardens

 Aztec chinampas - floating gardens

The Aztecs invented the idea of chinampas, but today's modern gardeners are perfecting it as a wonderful garden design feature.

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No Poo Method of Hair Care

no poo method of hair care

A new way of hair care that is catching on. It preserves hair and scalp health, but can you last that long?

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Elsie's Story: Finally Getting a Home.

shutting down puppy mills

Circkles Pet Club: Pet stories, pet training tips, pet home remedies, pet care and more.

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Make Your Own Chocolate Covered Cherries

homemade chocolate covered cherries

These make excellent Christmas gifts. Find more gifts from the kitchen on our Non-processed Recipes site. Healthy, organic recipes using non-processed ingredients whenever possible. Homemade foods and ingredients. Homesteading techiques like cheesemaking, making your own graham crackers, preserving food advice and more.

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borage herb plant

Borage is also known as starflower. This flowering herb can grow the size of a small bush with some compost mixed into the soil and regular watering, and it will be covered with blossoms and honeybees. 

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News that affects animal and human health, rights, and well being. Going Green and Sustainable Living articles as well.

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