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Follow the guide on this video to do yoga at your desk for neck and shoulder tension.

The Cyber Lounge: Instructions for the fullest Relaxation Therapy experience.

Use this page to take a few seconds from your day to relax, unwind, then go back to work and conquer the world.

To relax your mind: Enlarge this page to fit your screen so it consumes your view. Play the video on the top left while using the video's menu buttons to go to full screen, block the captions, and other options if you wish. Turn the volume down on your computer or device to a relaxing level, while still listening to the video, scroll down to the Labyrinth and follow the instructions there.

To relax your neck and shoulders: Play the video on the top right and follow
the yoga guide on the video.

These images, videos and prose will change periodically.

the Cyber Lounge

Trace the labyrinth to your left with your finger in a slow fashion while breathing deeply and slowly and listening to the music from the video above. Start the Labyrinth at the bottom. This is a very effective relaxation technique that you can use at the office, home or on your cell phone, just log into our site.

For more information on the history of labyrinths and how they are used, read more.

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This video goes with the labyrinth below. See the instructions.