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PET TRAINING: Teaching a horse to come in from the pasture just by whistling.

Once I finally could afford my ranch with 40 acres (I used to board my horses) I started getting a little lazy with having to go out to the pastures to round up the horses when the farrier came or for any other reason, so I trained them to come to me just by whistling like they do in the movies. It's really not that big of a mystery to figure out how to do it, but it sure comes in handy.

Horses are always motivated by food, and it only took a couple of times of giving them apples or carrots if they came when I whistled that did the trick. After a while, you may get away without giving them a treat as a reward, but don't go too many consecutive times without rewarding them because they catch on quick and will quit doing it. Once I got my trained to do this simple trick, my neighbors were absolutely amazed. Really? Because to me this was somewhat of a no-brainer if you train your own horses, but that was the thing, my neighbors all bought their horses pre-packaged, as I call it. Meaning, their horses were all trained by somebody else before they bought them and I noticed they never really spent much time with their horses outside of riding them. As any horse owner, I think it's very important to interact with your equine pals even when you are not just going riding. It helps establish more of a bond and they are more likely to do what you want even with incentives like treats just because they consider you one of the herd.


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