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Not familiar with Monsanto, GMOs and the issues regarding them? We highly recommend watching the video above as it explains the entire issue with GMOs and Monsanto, legally, ethically, environmentally and medically by leading scientists, doctors, lawyers and a couple politicians who haven't been bought off by Monsanto. You will notice most of the experts and research in this documentary are from Europe: that's because our experts and politicians are bought and paid for by Monsanto and would never speak out against anything as damaging and that has such a major impact. Additionally, most of Europe is dead-set against the use of GMOs and any of Monsanto's products. Which also lends credence to Monsanto's guilt and our federal officials who are protecting them. The only country that will endorse the use of Monsanto products is the U.S. where they originate. Everybody else sees them for what they are: death to our very existence and survival.

There really is no end to what an agricultural giant in the U.S can get away with in terms of ruining the environment, jeopardizing our health, and monopolizing the market all in the name of doing it for our own good." (As Monsanto claims in their ads.)
Anybody who has been a part of the Organic Trade Association (OTA) or the agricultural business is all too familiar with Monsanto; they are one of the worst offenders to the planet and our food supply that there is. I have followed the OTA for over 17 years, and I remember not that long ago that the FDA and USDA were giving the organic industry a very bad time - by trying to regulate them right out of business - because they saw organics as such a threat because who wouldn't want to eat better food? It took the tenacity of every organic supporter to keep organic as a choice for all of us back then, and I am proud to say, I was a part of that campaigning and protesting that supported it vigorously. Thank goodness we had enough supporters at the time to send a clear message to the commercial food industry that we were not going away without a fight, and enough supporters to convince the USDA and FDA that it was better to join us than destroy us. With 30% of the consumer market purchasing organics at the time, and that percentage growing every year, the conventional food industry finally had to come to terms with the fact that organics was a force to be reckoned with and was not going to be bullied into going away. I'm thankful every day to still have the choice of organic alternatives.

Enter Monsanto and GMOs (genetically engineered organisms). GMO products are so new to the market that adequate and thorough testing for public safety has not had a chance to determine the effects of long-term exposure to such products until now. One of the first conclusive early studies that GMO and Roundup are toxic to our health came out last September in the Journal of Food and Toxicity which publicly confirmed that exposure to Monsanto's Roundup weed killer and Monsanto's NK603 Roundup-resistant genetically modified corn in exposure levels currently considered safe can cause tumors, multiple organ damage and premature death in rats.

Bt toxin, found in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide (used on Monsanto corn), has been found in the maternal and fetal blood of pregnant women. And with the current labeling laws, producers don't have to label GM products. So, consumers will not even be given the opportunity to make a choice for themselves as to whether or not they want to ingest Bt toxins or have their unborn babies ingest it.

Now, add to this the recent news that Walmart is selling GMO corn that other retailers have refused to sell, and not labeling it as GMO, so unsuspecting consumers will not even be aware they are eating it, and there ya go: We are once again at the mercy of big business who is ruining our health and quality of life for their profit margin.

What finally brought Monsanto's atrocities against mankind to the forefront for the public a few years ago was a lawsuit in March 2011 lead by organic seed farmer Jim Gerritsen, president of the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, in which U.S. District Court Judge Naomi Buchwald, for the Southern District of New York, threw the case out on the grounds that it was a "transparent effort to create a controversy where none exists."
This past lawsuit only served to prove to the public and organic supporters that giant companies with expensive lawyers and billions of dollars to spend on legal defense can beat any legal allegations. Not only does Monsanto pose a huge risk of damage to nearby organic growers, they have the audacity to sue farmers for saving seed from their crops (which farmers have done for centuries) that may be genetically altered by winds carrying their Monsanto GM pollen over to organic fields, claiming the farmers are not paying royalties for that genetically and unintentionally altered seed. The lawsuit addressed the bizarre and shocking issue of Monsanto harassing and threatening organic farmers with lawsuits of “patent infringement” if any organic farmer ends up with any trace amount of GM seeds on their organic farmland. A situation to which organic farmers have absolutely no control over - wind pollination- and to which Monsanto is solely responsible for. Which then leads any sane person to ask, "How can anybody consider Monsanto's blatant attempts to monopolize seed manufacturing forcing small farmers into bankruptcy, the degradation of our only remaining farm soil, the threat of severe health risk due to inadequate and financially influenced scientific testing, and contamination of nearby organic farms a "transparent controversy?" You have got to be kidding Judge Buchwald!

Organic farmers don't want anything to do with Monsanto GMO seed because they are ORGANIC. Hello? So for Monsanto to sue them for patent infringement is absurd enough, but organic farms now have to spend extra money building land buffers between their fields and Monsanto's to decrease the risk of contamination from winds blowing Monsanto Roundup and GMO seed pollen onto their organic soils. Then to top it off, they have to constantly live in fear of being sued by the Ag Monster if their organic seed becomes contaminated with Monsanto's patented biotech seed germplasm or any traces of Monsanto GMO seed are found on their lands. Organic farmers are having to resort to not growing organic soybeans, corn, cotton, sugar beets, and canola, …just to protect themselves from having any plants that Monsanto could sue them over. Recent studies conducted on how far corn pollen will travel in the wind revealed that it can travel up to 500 miles. So Monsanto can sue a farmer 500 miles away, who has no clue that Monsanto even has a field anywhere nearby, for patent infringement. If that doesn't sound like corporate bullying and monopolizing by Monsanto in hopes of causing constant and substantial financial hardship to any of their competition, I don't know what is. In essence, they are trying to bury their competition in so much legal hassle and financial burden as to drive them out of business.

You want to know the most recent insult and injury to all of this? Monsanto - who bullied farmers to plant its GMO seeds for years that have to be used in conjunction with their Roundup pesticide program (how convenient for Monsanto) — is now paying farmers to use its competitors' chemical weed killers because Roundup isn't working anymore. In just a few short years, weeds have developed a resistance to the pesticide, causing an explosion of impossible-to-kill super weeds that have put millions of acres of U.S. farmland out of commission. So to keep farmers dependent on its expensive chemical system, Monsanto is now paying up to $20 an acre to farmers planting Roundup Ready GMO crops, so long as they spray other harmful chemicals and more chemicals on the land to reduce weeds. The corporation that trapped farmers into using all of its products from seed to weed management, is now asking farmers to use other companies' products—and paying them per acre to do so.

Recent Updates:
To top this all off, the Senate passed a bill this spring that lets all biotech companies and Monsanto off the hook for any liability. Protesters are calling it the "Monsanto Protection Act." It states that no biotech company, including Monsanto, can be sued, taken to court, or held responsible in any way if their products cause illness or even death due to their use. Recent studies that are finally being conducted on Monsanto products that have already been in use for the last 17 years but were never publicly researched or adequately tested before their use, are revealing there are catastrophic health concerns linked to Roundup and GMO foods, the most severe being that eating GMO foods causes permanent DNA altering in humans leading to a wide range of diseases, cancers, and health problems, and that these DNA changes are being passed down to our children, and will be passed down to their children and so on. This is an enormous health risk and concern that will surely lead to the demise of our existence as we are breeding weaker and weaker generations with more and more health problems and this DNA altering cannot be reversed. We are genetically modifying not just our food but our bodies with GMOs. This is genocide.

If you agree that the time is way overdue for U.S citizens to get pro-active about our lives, help us KEEP THE MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO GOING ONLINE: "Share" this at the top of the page and the video above with anyone you know who eats food.

Keep The March Going.

We aren't asking you to go out and march. We aren't asking you to donate any money. We are asking you to stop supporting Monsanto and the companies that use them by purchasing their products. It's time the people take charge of their lives and quit letting corporate and political American make our choices for us which only benefit them. It's a simple as thinking before you buy. That's it! Buy products from organic companies that are trying their darnedest to support your health and our environment but are meeting constant legal struggles and financial burdens from the competition who can afford more expensive lawyers and lobbying than they can. Your purchasing dollars send a message every time you buy something. How about making it the right message for a change. Before it's too late.

Let's be a healthier, happier country. Let's GO ORGANIC! Many European countries give farmers incentives to go organic, and to keep up with organic research so they can always be improving on it. Does the U.S? Hell no. Why? Because it's not in Corporate America's best interests? Why? Because Americans are not yet clued in to all the lies we are being fed, or educated enough to know the difference as in other countries.
Bhutan wants to be the first country to be entirely organic. But they are struggling with poverty and a mostly mountainous terrain that is difficult for farming. Switzerland's consumerism is 70% organic and Austria is also very organic oriented. So they are proving it can be done. There's absolutely no reason the biggest agricultural society on Earth, the U.S, can't be the first to be completely organic except corporate and political greed is convincing us it isn't viable when research and experience has proven that it is. The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians managed to grow enough food to support themselves before chemicals were ever invented. It is NOT less expensive to keep saturating agricultural land with chemicals 4-5 times every year. It is NOT less expensive for Americans to keep paying a fortune in medical bills, supplements, vitamins, and medications because we are so sickly due to our food supply being contaminated with poisons. In the long term, organic is more economical and effective, but chemical producers like Monsanto don't want you to know that. Organic farmers know this is true, but they are being bullied, manipulated and legislated into nonexistence by the bigger commercial ag industry and the government they have in their back pockets. If organics were more mainstream, the price of them would drop and more consumers could afford them. But of course, Monsanto does not want this and neither does the medical profession because if people were healthier, it would cut their profits considerably and they couldn't afford that new Beemer every year or to send their kids to Harvard.
People in Europe who know about GMOs refuse to eat them. That is why American's are being lied to and companies purposely not disclosing GMOs on product labels. Because if they did, they know people would not buy them, just like in Europe where many countries will not import GMO foods from the U.S. because they know about the health risks.

The reason Europe encourages organic farming is because they have already learned the hard way regarding the road we are all heading down. Much of their farmland is now useless due to chemical agriculture, and they are already experiencing a water shortage because many areas have no drinkable water due to chemical runoff from agricultural production. Our U.S experts predict we will be in the same situation within the next 20-30 years and have stated that by 2050, at least 30% of our agricultural land will be unusable due to chemical contamination. Some of you reading this will still be around to experience that. You think food is expensive now? Wait until we have little to no place to grow it anymore.

The best way to send a clear message to Monsanto that their business tactics and blatant disregard for our health and welfare is unacceptable is to stop buying their products and products from the companies listed to the left. An even better way is to support organic companies rather than the ones that are destroying our health and don't give a damn about it.

It all boils down to the old economic concept of supply and demand. If consumers stop supporting the companies that are destroying our health by not buying their toxic-laden products, those companies will be forced to look for healthier, cleaner solutions or they won't be making any money. And we all know money is the bottom line and the only driving force behind companies like Monsanto who don't care that they are poisoning us and the environment.

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