Reduce, Reuse, Recycle = ReCirckle

We select certain items we feel are worth promoting based on their ability to reduce waste in landfills and conscious effort to utilize our natural resources wisely and sustainably. The proceeds from the sales of these products directly benefits all of us by reducing the waste that covers our world and preserving a healthy environment.

These products are either made from recycled materials, repurposed items, or sustainable materials.


No-Landfill Gift Wraps:

The one gift we encourage people to re-gift. Every year, 25% of the garbage in landfills is wrapping paper. Made from old clothing, our cloth gift wraps can be used over and over and passed on from person to person.

Holiday wraps also available. See


Save millions of trees having to be cut down and waste in landfills. Right now we just have the Non-processed Cooking and Eating recipe book but have others in the works. Created to help people tranisition away from processed foods while still fitting a busy lifestyle. Makes a great gift too. Proceeds go to our Recirckle Program.

Denium Rugs from Old Jeans.

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is a non-profit relief, service, community development and peace agency that helps people in need in America and around the world. They make these rugs in Ohio.

If you want to help, you can send old jeans (100% cotton denim only) to: (US Mail) MCC Connections, PO Box 19, Kidron, OH 44636; (UPS/FedEX) MCC Connections, 4080 Kidron Road, Dalton, OH 44618

You can learn more and purchase a rug from Lehman's Homesteading Supplies.