Circkles Photography

Colorado and Wisconsin- Based Photographer with OVER 30 Years of Experience. I’ve seen and done it all.

“Just like the shape only not spelled the same,” Circkles Photography captures Family Circles, Wedding Circles, Business Circles, Life Circles in a way that allows everyone in your circle to access and share special moments together. Memories are priceless and can only be captured for a fleeting moment and then they are gone forever.

Since I received my first camera as a Christmas gift from my parents many, many years ago, I was hooked.  Since that day, I have done every type of photography there is, under every condition, with every type of equipment. Photography has always been my one true love for over 30 years.  Now I choose to specialize in drone photography, wedding photography, portrait photography, product photography, construction photography and real estate photography. Shooting either digital images or film images.

I photograph people to tell a story, not just to shoot them against a background like the same old boring shots you’ve seen for years. Having people to visit my 5 acre outdoor photography studio where I have so many gorgeous natural props to bring out their personalities and inner beauty is something I treasure and they will cherish for a lifetime. I have a 4000 sq. ft.  indoor studio as well, but that is nowhere near as exciting as getting people outdoors to have fun and capture living moments.

As a photographer with over 30 years of experience, what can I bring to the table? Well, I once had a college instructor tell me, “First you have to learn the rules, then you will know how to break them.” Meaning…once I learned all the technical requirements for being an artist, then I could work on my style and bend or break the rules, which to me, is much more interesting. If you are looking for a photographer that has a flair for creating a unique and memorable image of you or your product, I’m the one. But of course….technology must be dealt with in order to create professional images that really stand out, get noticed, and evoke emotion or response. Images must also reproduce well in digital media or any other reproduction. Professional photography is much more than simply clicking a shutter. It requires a real eye for lighting, composure, line, and how to manipulate your camera gear to bring out the most appealing aspects of your subject.  Something they can’t teach in school is an ability to see things the average person often misses or doesn’t see at all.

Contact me (L.J.) and let’s discuss your photography project. 608-501-3155 or


  • drone photographyConstruction site documentation
  • Project books – for clients
  • Photos for advertising and marketing purposes
  • Real estate drone photographer
  • Videographer Drone photography of construction building


  • At Your Location or My Beautiful 5 Acre Outdoor Studio
  • A Wedding Photography Package for Every Budget
  • Wedding Video Option
  • You very own wedding book in hardcover to last a lifetime.
  • Aerial wedding shots

portrait photographerPORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER

  • Family Portraits
  • Children Photography
  • Baby Photography
  • School Photos
  • Graduation Photos
  • Portraits
  • Model Portfolios

product photographyPRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHER

  • For Website Content
  • For Businesses Exposure and Printed Collateral
  • For Advertising
  • For Articles


  • Interior and Exterior for Real Estate Listings
  • Evening shots
  • Drone Photography
  • Walk-through Videos
  • real estate photography