5 Acre Outdoor Photography Studio

outdoor studio bridge in autumn

I guarantee, you’ve never seen anything like it.

spring orchard blossoms for outdoor photography
Orchard blossoms give any photo a very spring-like feel of a new beginning.

My 5 acre outdoor studio has numerous live props and beautiful backdrops to make your photo session truly unique. Depending on what season you choose for your photo shoot, you can take advantage of the beautiful landscape I have designed specifically for outdoor photo sessions.

Easter daffodil field
Easter daffodil field


For instance, if you plan your wedding in late may to mid June, you can catch the apple orchard in full bloom for some gorgeous springtime backdrops that give the feel of a new beginning full of life and vigor.


Flower garden

Later in the summer, use the vibrant flower garden with arbors, benches and many different flower varieties to add just a dash of needed color to any shot. Hold a real live bouquet or put a flower in your hair, sprinkle petals around your wedding gown, or use your imagination.


In the fall, take your wedding walk across the bridge that goes over the pond, or along the golden forest path, to add a truly spectacular array of color to your wedding album.


bridge in winter outdoor studio

And nothing beats walking through a real winter wonderland for Christmas photos. Even winter can make beautiful backdrops with superb lighting and contrast.

family Christmas photography
Walking in a winter wonderland studio

Mother Nature cannot be beat for her natural lighting and color when it comes to photography. Of course, no matter what time of year, my outdoor studio will offer many selections of unique backdrops that will awe your friends and family. So when planning your special photo session, keep in mind that you have your very own live studio to work with.

I literally have a lily of every color in my immense flower garden.

If you have a certain time of year in mind and want to take advantage of Nature’s splendor in my outdoor studio, just call me and ask when a certain flower or plant may be in bloom or what the weather in the orchard is like.


BOOK EARLY FOR SPECIAL REQUESTS. Call me to set a date for your special photo session. Early evenings and mornings make the best lighting for mood (romantic) photos or the most dramatic photos. Any time of day is good for graduation or school photos or family shots.

608-501-3155.  Circkles Photography and Bluebird Orchards.