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You will find my drone photos on most of my outdoor portfolios such as my Commercial Portfolio Page, Real Estate Portfolio, and a few even on my Wedding Portfolio. I have flown a drone for photography in the toughest and most challenging environment there is; construction sites. Not only do I have to be ever vigilant of where I am flying the drone in construction airspace with tower cranes, I have to constantly be mindful of being run over by heavy equipment. Anyone who can master flying a drone in the construction site environment can fly anywhere successfully. Below is just a brief collection of some of my drone photos for commercial photography use.


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WARNING: U.S.Moving Group #movingcompanies and the carrier they use called Movers and Packers Relocation Services are both scammers. They gave me a quote to move my furniture and boxes, then when their driver showed up he demanded another $5000. I‘m certain they would have held my belongings hostage at the drop off for more money too, so I told them to take a hike. I’m still out $1800 for their non-refundable deposit but better than being out 10k. Plus I will NOT give money to scammers once I realize that’s what they are doing. I will also smear their name all over the internet and file complaints with the FTC, transportation dept, BBB, and anyone else I can think of. They will lose more money in bad reviews than they managed to steal from me. See MoreSee Less
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Shot this today on my morning walk. "The hills are alive…" See MoreSee Less
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