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Virgin Islands hotel canvas print corporate art

“There are so many great prints, how do I choose just one, or just a few?”

Before corporate art installation in a restaurant

Before Adding Art

As a Corporate Art Consultant, my clients often ask this, and this is the very reason why an art consultant can help you, whether it is a single office, your home, or an entire corporate building. There are so many different art genres, styles, and types, that it is very difficult to find and decide on what you want without the assistance of someone who knows their way around the art world. Circkles has over 50 years of fine art experience and many contacts. If you want to support only local artists, we can help you find them. We can also help you find out what your “style” is in art decor, even if you don’t know yourself. Or, what will be most appropriate for your office and customer.

After Adding Art

Getting down to what will make you the happiest in your art purchase is what an art consultant does, and I am more than happy to help you figure it all out. After all, you will be spending good money on something you will be looking at every day, it’s important to make sure you will enjoy your investment.

After photo of restaurant with corporate art

How an Art Consultant Can Save You Time and Money.

  • Where do you Find it?
  • What is Going to Look Best?
  • Art Genres?

When you just can’t make up your mind, or, have no idea what’s out there, Circkles Art Consultants can help you navigate the corporate art world.

Are you looking for a certain color scheme, art style, or just don’t know what will be the best type of art to choose for your corporate building, home or office? Should it be Western art, cultural, a specific subject matter,
tropical, landscapes, still art…?

Are you into contemporary, realist, impressionist, abstract, digital, photojournalistic, photography, 3-D art…? Do you want only wall art, or sculptures, digital displays, or other type?


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