Aerial Drone Photographer

drone photo cheese factory in Wisconsin

Colorado Drone Photographer

Drone Construction Photography: Aerials

I have two locations: one in Northern Colorado and one in Southern Wisconsin. I’m an FAA licensed drone pilot that is employed by commercial construction companies to do all of their drone photography, including site mapping. Often construction clients request monthly drone photos of their site for progress reports. Flying a drone around construction sites requires a tremendous amount of skill and alertness, especially when it usually involved having to fly around tower cranes and other construction equipment and with machinery that constantly creates signal interferences.

Drone Wedding Photographer:

If you are tired of seeing the same old thing in wedding photos, try a few drone shots of your big event. Just adding a fresh perspective to any event can give it new life and make it uniquely yours.

Agricultural Drone Photographer:

Farmers are constantly monitoring their crops, equipment, buildings and pests. Using a drone to monitor agricultural needs is more accurate, can get into areas without damage that large equipment would cause and can get into areas a person cannot. Drones are used extensively in big agriculture to inspect tall buildings, check for pest infestations, monitor flooding, drought or other damage, for spraying (requires special drone equipment), and even checking up on livestock.