Drone photographer Circkles photography new Biotech building

Commercial Real Estate Photography is a bit more challenging than residential real estate photography. A commercial real estate photographer has many more aspects of a building to consider while photographing it. Take this photo, for instance, that I selected from a batch I shot of a new Biotech Science building that was recently constructed in Madison, WI. The entire building is made up of glass exterior walls with the interior being a 3-story atrium as its center. Dealing with all the natural light that I could not control coming through those glass walls was a real challenge. To add insult to injury, there were also a lot of interior glass walls and windows to deal with and the problem with unwanted reflections. I shot that building at 3 different times during the day in order to see what the light would do: in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Each time gave the interior of the building a completely different look and feel.

Biotech building day photograph
Morning shot.

Evening shot gives it an entirely different look and feel.