A canvas print is a photo that is printed on an actual art canvas. Mine are wrapped, meaning the image and canvas wrap around the edges so you don’t have to frame them if you don’t want to. A photographic reproduction is a print of the original photo and contains all the sharpness and detail of the photo. It has not been altered by the artistic rendering process and has a smooth look just like a photo would. I offer them in economy priced Standard photo prints or the high-quality Giclee prints – which are recommended for an print size larger than 16×20.

Below are a couple examples.

Canvas vs photo prints
A Canvas print has a 3D effect and stands out from the wall about an inch. It also has a canvas texture just like an oil painting would.
Canvas prints vs photo prints
Photographic renderings are flat and look just like a photograph without any texture or 3D look. I offer Standard Prints and the high-quality Giclee prints.