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Wedding photographer in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Colorado. I do travel, but expenses for lodging will be added. Drone photography and videography available for weddings as well. 30 yrs experience.

Gorgeous Winter Wedding Photography

You may think winter is definitely not the time to do wedding photos. However, I have couples specifically ask for winter wedding shots. Why? Because they are very unique and flattering.

Why Winter Weddings have an Advantage:

• You get to use really cool Christmas colors in your wedding colors. Like reds and greens.

• You can wear cool-looking shawls, furs and hats with your gown for outdoor shots.

• Availability of a photographer is much easier than during the peak wedding season which is May through September.

And what if you hate the cold? Here’s a free tip if you are planning winter outdoor wedding shots. Plan it out with your photographer in advance. That way you will only be spending a very short time actually standing out in the cold. An experienced winter wedding photographer will know exactly what to plan for, how to plan for it and how to make you the most comfortable for those beautiful winter bride shots.

Another free tip if you are planning a winter wedding: Take advantage of using bright reds and greens to really make your photos pop! Every season has its color palate. Work with it and your photos will be stunning. And why not take advantage of the one time you can get away with certain colors for a certain season instead of the same old brides and bridesmaid colors everyone else is using in the spring.

Venues are much cheaper and easier to book for your wedding reception and service as well. So don’t shy away from the thought of a winter wedding. I will work with you to ensure you won’t regret a single moment of it. And when you look back at the photos and all of your friends and family are in awe, you will know it was all worth it! Let’s talk about your plans ahead of time to make everything just perfect. 608-501-3155.


Time to Book Wedding Photographer for Spring

now booking wedding photographer


Booking a Wedding Photographer.

No kidding. Most wedding photographers are booked at least 6 months in advance. So if you get engaged for Christmas, or are planning a spring wedding, make sure to allow enough time to book your photographer. Start booking in the fall and early winter months if you are planning a spring wedding.

Wedding planning is stressful enough, don’t blow the entire special day by not having a professional photographer booked far enough in advance. Also consider where you want your wedding photos taken. The traditional church and reception hall photos leave a lot to be desired. The best wedding shots are usually taken in a private photography session in a location of your choice, or, If you happen to be lucky enough to find a photographer like myself who has their own beautiful outdoor photo studio, it is much easier to book the location in advance. Usually, the most popular public places are booked a year in advance for all kinds of things such as parties, family reunions, business meetings etc., which makes it so difficult to reserve their space.