Construction Photographer

Drone photo construction site work

When you need to document the progress of a job site for a corporate client.

When you need job site photos for advertising and marketing needs, site logistics, preconstruction planning etc.

Interior biotech building
interior biotech

When you just want to record your work for any reason, I have specific construction site photography experience. I even have my own hardhat, Class 2 hi-vis safety vest, and safety glasses.

I know what you are looking for in construction photography because I’ve also owned a construction business and worked for a commercial construction company as their Marketing Communications Expert. I don’t just take “pretty” pictures (which are the best for marketing materials), but also the necessary photos of MEP, preconstruction site planning shots, insurance photos, training photos and video, site logistics and anything else construction photography related.

crane assembly on construction site

Drone photography of construction sites is increasingly popular. Nothing beats aerial shots of large construction sites prior to building or during any phase of the construction process. Clients love drone shots of their buildings and they look very professional for a construction company to offer to a client.

Springhill Suites Madison

The commercial construction company I was an employee of liked to give project books (photo books) to most of their clients. They were like a timeline of the project from groundbreaking ceremonies to the finished walk-through. And clients loved them.