ECommerce Photography

Ecommerce product photography

White Background Photography for Ecommerce sites such as Amazon.

If you are a retailer and sell product, you will no doubt need images of your product line to display on your website, Amazon, Ebay, social media and any digital media platform. It is crucial that your product looks professional, or viewers will not trust your site to be professional or your business. E-commerce photography may appear to be simple to an amateur, but professionals know the difference between a product that is photographed by a professional and one that is shot by an amateur with a cell phone. E-commerce customers are less likely to trust a retailer whose product looks like it was shot in a garage or in 5 seconds with a cell phone. Statistics show that the more professional a product looks on E-commerce sites such as Amazon, the more it will sell, because online customers trust the retailer is more professional.

Below are just a few samples of some of the products I have photographed for E-commerce sites. I chose samples of the most difficult subjects to photograph, such as glass, shiny metal, reflective surfaces, because if a photographer can master those, he/she can photograph anything. It’s all about knowing how to use professional studio equipment to display the product’s best features, hide unnecessary flare and hotspots, and reveal color and detail; all attributes lost when doing E-commerce photography with a cell phone and without professional studio lighting, technique, skill and equipment.

White background photography for Ecommerce
Hand-blown glass chicken
Christmas decor
White background photography for Ecommerce
Reflective, shiny objects as decor

If you don’t believe this is true, try a little experiment of your own. Take a photo of one of your products with your cell phone, then have the same product photographed by a professional photographer. If you are being honest with yourself, you will admit the pro’s photo looks infinitely better and more professional. So if you are serious about selling product on Ebay, Amazon, or any other E-commerce site where the competition is fierce, why wouldn’t you give yourself every advantage to sell more product and blow away your competition? Not to mention, giving your business every appearance that it is indeed a professional, legitimate retailer your customers can trust.

Statistics don’t lie. Just do a little research on this topic online and there isn’t a soul out there that will tell you cheap, amateur representations of your product are the best way to do business as a retailer. In fact, they will tell you that you are actually hurting your business image by not representing your product in the best way possible.