Time to Book Wedding Photographer

Professional wedding photographer


Booking a Wedding Photographer.

Most wedding photographers are booked at least 6 months in advance. So if you get engaged for Christmas, or are planning a spring wedding, make sure to allow enough time to book your photographer. Start booking in the fall and early winter months if you are planning a spring wedding.

Wedding planning is stressful enough, don’t blow the entire special day by not having a professional photographer booked far enough in advance. Also, consider where you want your wedding photos taken. The traditional church and reception hall photos leave a lot to be desired. The best wedding shots are usually taken in a private photography session in a location of your choice, or, if you happen to be lucky enough to find a photographer like me who has their own beautiful outdoor photo studio, it is much easier to book the location in advance. Usually, the most popular public places are booked a year in advance for all kinds of things such as parties, family reunions, business meetings etc., which makes it so difficult to reserve their space.