Wedding Day Photography Tips

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Photography Tips For Your Wedding Day.

It’s your big day, you’re already nervous, multi-tasking to the third degree, and that nagging voice in the back of your brain is telling you you are forgetting something. Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day, in front of everyone they know, and of course, for those wedding photos that will be around for all eternity. Usually, the bride and groom have their looks pretty well taken care of way before the big day. Either they go to a salon and have their hair done, nails, makeup, etc., or maybe a close friend does it for them, either way, there are a couple of things most couples forget to consider on the big day that could spell catastrophe for their photoshoot.

1. Mother Nature Loves to Play on Photo Day

The weather loves to not cooperate for weddings. The wind, rain, extreme heat/cold can ruin the best-looking makeup and hair job on the planet. This is why so many couples opt to do a pre-wedding or post-wedding photoshoot, where the environment can be controlled a bit more and they can touch up their look as needed to ensure those amazing shots. Pre-wedding photo sessions are fantastic because the photographer has the ability to stage the shots in locations that they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to on the wedding day,  the bride and groom are more relaxed (and look it in the photos) and pulling the bride or groom aside for makeup, hair and wardrobe touchups can be done at any time during the shoot. None of these things are possible on game day. About 95% of the truly intimate wedding photos you see were not taken during the ceremony,  because the environment during the ceremonies does not allow time or opportunity for really great intimate shots. Sure, you want some photos taken the day of the event, but it is well worth the extra effort to do a pre or post-wedding photoshoot for those more stunning wedding photos.

2. How Well Will Your Look Hold up on Wedding Day?

I’ve seen it more often than I can count: a bride spends a ton of time on her makeup only to have it all be destroyed when she cries at her wedding and her mascara runs down her face. Or, it is so hot in that long dress in the middle of July, she sweats and the embarrassment is crushing You have to remember that when you are initially thinking about your look for the wedding day, you are calm, cool, and collected; and that just isn’t going to be the case on the day of. If you plan your look for every possible horrible scenario, you will be covered for the worst and come out still looking your best. A good wedding photographer will take the conditions of the photoshoot into account and hopefully advise you accordingly. But not all do. Most rookie photographers are only concerned with the details of the shoot and fail to even consider the subject may not have thought of everything concerning it on a more personal level. A seasoned wedding photographer knows that their success depends 100% on their subject looking their best and will make the extra effort to ensure it turns out the best it can when it counts.