Commercial and Construction Photographer

crane assembly on construction site

What to Look for in A Good Commercial Photographer.

Commercial photography has special challenges that not every photographer wants to deal with, has the experience to deal with, or the equipment to deal with. Commercial and construction photography always requires that every person on site wear safety equipment and follow safety procedures. 

Photography for commercial business marketing collateral

You are in business, so you need marketing images for advertising purposes, client relations, marketing collateral of all types, business communications etc. I don’t mind getting down and dirty to get those close up construction shots, drone images, agricultural photos etc.

Time & Scheduling is Paramount

You need a photographer that can work within your business schedule, construction schedule, project schedule etc. We all know business, and especially construction, waits for no one. Working with a photographer that you know can keep up with your busy schedule and will get the job done on time is money to you.

Marketing Experience A Huge Bonus

So many of my clients tell me its a huge benefit to them that they don’t have to spend a great deal of time explaining marketing to me in order to get the shots they need. I have over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing and I often have a better idea as to what images they need than the client does.

It’s a Whole Different World

Commercial and Industrial photography is a whole different ball game. Construction sites, industrial and agricultural sites present subject challenges and environmental challenges not found in any other type of photography. Therefore, as a client, you want to hire a photographer with knowledge of the special hazards, equipment and requirements necessary to accomplish your particular image needs.

Safety First

A photographer that specializes in industrial, agriculture, construction and architecture photography must know the safety requirements. I’ve done so much commercial construction photography that I have my own safety gear, including a hard hat. Photographers also need to be aware of all the hidden dangers and obstacles of doing commercial photography on site. Only a seasoned professional commercial photographer will be comfortable and aware in such conditions.

Photography / video for training or instructional purposes

Construction sites are often lacking enough space or convenient places to stand in order to get the shots you need or want for proper training video or impressive marketing shots. That’s where my FAA UAS (drone) license really comes in handy – to get those shots you would just never have access to without a drone. And on live construction sites, it is imperative the drone pilot knows how to fly in dangerous, busy, unforgiving construction environments. Because construction waits for no one.

Client/In-House Progress Reports and Insurance Claims

Having been the Marketing Communications Specialist for a very large commercial construction company, I have experience in what corporate clients are looking for in their construction progress reports. Often they request drone shots because they provide the best idea of the progress on their building sites. To see how a commercial photographer can come in handy for insurance claims,
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