Photography for construction marketing collateral

When you need those “pretty” photos of completed jobs for your portfolio and other marketing collateral, I have over 30 years of photography experience in what lighting makes the building/site/room look its absolute best and how to stage interiors if necessary to not only make them look professionally stunning, but also to avoid many amateur photographer mistakes

I don’t just take “pretty” pictures (which are the best for marketing materials), but also the necessary photos of MEP, preconstruction site planning shots/site logistics, insurance photos, training photos and video, and anything else construction photography related.

progress reports

Having been the Marketing Communications Specialist for a very large commercial construction company, I have experience in what corporate clients are looking for in their construction progress reports. Often they request drone shots because they provide the best idea of the progress on their building sites.

Photography / video for training or instructional purposes

Construction sites are often lacking enough space or convenient places to stand in order to get the shots you need or want for proper training video or impressive marketing shots. That’s where my FAA UAS (drone) license really comes in handy: to get those shots you would just never have access to without a drone. And on live construction sites, it is imperative the drone pilot knows how to fly in dangerous, busy, unforgiving construction environments. Because construction waits for no one.