Circkles Photography Services

“Photography has been my way of bearing witness to the joy I find in seeing the extraordinary in ordinary life. You don’t look for pictures. Your pictures are looking for you.” – Harold Feinstein.


  • Construction site documentation
  • Project books – for clients
  • Photos for advertising and marketing purposes
  • Real Estate drone photographer
  • Aerial video


  • At your location or I know a number of wonderful shooting spots
  • A wedding photography package for every budget
  • Wedding videographer
  • Your very own wedding book in hardcover to last a lifetime.
  • Aerial wedding shots


  • Family portraits
  • Baby photos
  • School photos
  • Graduation photos
  • Portraits
  • Model portfolios


  • Website content
  • Businesses exposure and marketing collateral
  • Advertising photography
  • Catalog photography


  • Interior and Exterior for Real Estate Listings
  • Evening shots
  • Drone Photography
  • Walk-through Videos


  • Job site documentation
  • Progress photos
  • Marketing photos
  • Drone photography

Montana-Based Photographer with OVER 30 Years of Experience. I’ve seen and done it all.

I photograph people to tell their story, not just to shoot them against a background like the same old boring shots you’ve seen for years.  Professional photography is so much more than simply clicking a shutter. It requires a real eye for lighting, composure, line,  a feel for the subject and how to manipulate your technical gear to bring out the most appealing aspects of your subject, all while keeping in mind how the end result is going to be used, published or presented. All of this requires experience; because it cannot be taught in any school. After 30 years of photography experience, I know what it takes to make a subject look it’s absolute best in front of the lens.  Hiring a seasoned professional photographer means you can take a load off of your mind and let Circkles Photography handle every aspect of the shoot knowing I always strive to meet and exceed your expectations and deliver a product you will enjoy for the rest of your lifetime.

“Something they can’t teach in school is an ability to visualize everyday objects in a way the average person doesn’t see.”

~ L.J. Creapeau

Just like the shape only not spelled the same, Circkles Photography captures images in a way that brings out the most potential in the subject matter. We are not about just taking a snapshot. Circkles is about using our 30 years of photography experience to create one-of-a-kind representations of you, your memories or your product.  30 years is a long time to acquire skills, perceptions and knowledge that other photographers do not possess. Find out how these skills can give you a photographic rendering that beats all others. Since I received my first camera as a Christmas gift from my parents many, many years ago, I have been a diehard shutterbug.  Since that day, I have done every type of photography there is, under every condition, with every type of equipment.  Now I choose to specialize in drone photography, wedding photography, portrait photography, product photography, construction photography and real estate photography.

Contact me (L.J.) and let’s discuss your photography project.

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Circkles Photography has over 30 years of experience as a photographer in the advertising, marketing and publishing industries

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Licensed Drone Photographer, Product Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Real Estate Photographer etc

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Shot this today on my morning walk. "The hills are alive…" See MoreSee Less
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