Photography Experience

Ever since my parents gave me a camera for Christmas at the age of about 14, I was a photography junkie. Always feeling at home behind the lens and never in front of it, I just seemed to have a natural aptitude for bringing still images to life, telling a story with my lens, and bringing out a product or person’s personality and ultimate best. “Good” photography takes “an eye” and that cannot be taught. You either have it or you don’t. An ability to see what the average person does not, in a way that they do not is what sets apart the good photographers from the snapshot enthusiasts.

I started out in film photography, some 35 years ago, and over the years have used every type of photography equipment there is. Yes…I do video now too, since our new technology and lifestyles are demanding it.

I have done wedding photography, product photography, stock photo photography, portrait photography, real estate photography, wildlife and pet photography….did I leave anything out?

I have always used professional Nikon equipment with the highest quality Nikkor lenses. When you hire me you don’t just get a professional photographer you get a professional graphic designer as well. I did graphic design for 17 years and am able to take your images after our photo session together and create digital scrap books of them, or slide shows put to music, and your very own webpage for you and your family and friends to ordering prints or digital media of your big day.