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Children's portraits by Circkles Photography

Portrait photography

As I’ve said a thousand times on this website alone, portrait photography is about so much more than just getting a nice-looking shot. A good photographer can also capture the subject’s personality. Sure, sometimes a nice head-shot is all that is needed for a corporate photo, business card photo or other formal use, but you’d be surprised how a subject’s personality can come through even then with the right photographer.

Children & Baby photography

We all know the challenges with photographing babies and young children, and the trick is to find a way to really reach them. Even a crying baby or youngster that doesn’t want their photo taken, lacks the patience or discipline to sit still, or is just in a bad mood that day can eventually come around with a seasoned photographer that is knowledgable and comfortable with kids.

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How to Hire a Good Portrait Photographer

Whether you are looking for a corporate head-shot, graduation photos, baby photos, engagement photos, family photos or portraits, a good photographer can make the difference between having a photo or having a memory that’s priceless!

Do you want studio shots or outdoor?

Decide what type of photos you want before you call around. Some photographers don’t do study photography and some don’t do outdoor portraits, so deciding before you call around will save you a great deal of time. 

Are you stiff in front of the Camera?

If you have a difficult time warming up to the camera, not looking like you have a fake smile, or not blinking just when the shutter is clicked, you may need a photographer that has enough people skills to help you relax.

Do you want it to look Candid or formal?

Candid photos are relaxed and informal. Pretty much anything done outdoors is considered informal, although not always. I have done outdoor corporate photos because the employer wanted a more casual corporate look and not
the same old stuffy gray studio backdrop.

Personality is Priceless!

A seasoned photographer knows that what makes a portrait priceless is not just the ability to get a nice-looking photo. Anybody can do that. What makes a portrait priceless is revealing the subject’s personality so that the
photo will evoke memories of that person, not just a face.


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