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Food Photography and Product Photography:

Virtually every business has need of professional product photos or food photos for their website, advertising and promotional collateral. The digital era may have caused many professions in my lifetime to become extinct, but businesses still need images whether for print or digital media.

A high quality professional photo of your product or business can literally make or break how much business you get!

Food photography

For example: there are many bed and breakfasts in my area, and most are do-it-yourselfers who go out with a “cell phone and take a couple pics of the place.” They look amateur and lazy because of it, and have a mediocre booking season. In comparison, there is one cabin rental business in my area who paid a professional photographer to take photos of his cabins and he is booked solid for the next 2 years.

Why? Because a professional advertising photographer does more than just click a shutter. A pro knows what it takes in the advertising world to set a mood, create an impression, reflect a lifestyle, create a good time, all with just an image…. Qualities that are very necessary to sell a product in today’s super-competitive markets.

When shooting product photography or food photography, it is vital to create more than a picture of food. It must convey an experience to the viewer. An experience that they want to have. Or…forget about it. Your product is no different than any other one just like it out there.

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Breakfast menu

In today’s world, it is all about making a lasting first impression in 2 seconds or less! Or you are wasting your time and money to even bother.

So….big corporations already know this….that is why they sell so much product. And now you do too.