Mastiff Puff Balls Art Print


Read the description below for the heart-warming message and story behind this print. It is not just an English Mastiff in a field of late summer puff balls, but a tribute to her rescue from a horrible puppy mill. See sizes and options below.


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Mastiff Puff Balls art print is a fun summertime artistic rendering inspired by a real-life Mastiff named Elsie Mae who was rescued by her owner from a horrible puppy mill situation in which Elsie spent the first 4 years of her life locked up in a 6×9 cage and was never allowed to roam freely or do anything normal dogs get to do. Most of her teeth were broken off from chewing on the bars of her cage to get out and she almost died from the neglect of care in the puppy mill.
After being adopted by a Loveland, Colorado woman, Elsie had total freedom to roam her new 40 acre horse ranch, sitting among the flowers and going for walks with her new owner in the flower and puffball fields were just one of the many ways she showed daily how thankful she was to be out of the destitute prison she was born into. This wall print is not just a tribute to her and her conscientious adoptive owner, but a constant reminder to appreciate every little thing in life. Having been deprived of a normal life for so long by the puppy mill, Elsie enjoyed her adoptive environment every single day by rolling in the grass, going for walks and just relaxing on the deck overlooking the ranch and the occasional swim in her private kiddie pool.  Elsie expressed everyday how much she appreciated her new-found chance at freedom and a normal life.

This print is also just a wonderful image of the fun-loving characteristics of the Mastiff breed of dog. As large as they are, they are truly Gentle Giants.



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