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Sure, a lot of realtors take their own photos, but, I have seen some pretty awful representations of properties for sale in my lifetime because of it. That says to me that a realtor in not really serious about selling a property if they will throw together any old shots taken with their cell phone. When I was selling my house in Colorado, my realtor did hire a “photographer.” However, the photos were so horrible, and I knew it, that I shot my own and we had much better feedback about the property because of it. In fact, it sold a couple weeks later. The fastest turnaround on a property in my neighborhood ever! It sold in just 3 weeks on the market.

Exterior suites MadisonMy realtor used “a friend with a camera” who shot everything with such a wide angle, it all looked very distorted and you couldn’t make out what was what. Not only that, but the image quality was horrible. They were so contrasty and the colors so inaccurate. There was far more ceiling and floor in the photos to try and make it look bigger I guess, but in reality it totally misrepresented the property. Wider is not always better, so you realtors out there, don’t get fooled that you are get the best photos to represent a property just because someone with a camera has a wide angle lens. To add insult to injury, I had to pay that photographer for her horrible photos as part of my realtor fees and I ended up reshooting all of them myself. And I was not being picky believe me. Anybody would have been disappointed in the horrible representation of their property. I was embarrassed and horrified to even use the realtor’s photos.

Good real estate photography is all about the lighting. All you have to do is look at photos taken by an amateur than look at the same photos taken by a professional photographer to see a huge difference. This difference can make or break how fast that property will sell. And for you…isn’t that what it’s all about? Turning properties around as quickly as possible. So why leave your commission sitting in limbo for months and years simply becauseĀ  you are too cheap to hire a good photographer? You are not saving any money that way. Trust me.

Incidentally, that realtor, used me to photograph her listings after that and also to do her brochures.

Evening shots, morning shots, interior and exterior lighted shots.